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Jellybeans Momoko

My momoko of the day is Jelly Beans Generation. She was a collaboration between Petworks and Azone. She was my first Petworks momoko. I have 4 Petworks momokos. The main difference between the Sekiguchi and Petworks is the body. I think the face mold is the same although I’ve heard talk of them being slightly different, I honestly don’t see it. The skin tone would be the other difference. The Sekiguchi’s for the most part are a lot paler. Perhaps that’s why some people prefer the Petworks over Sekiguchi. There’s more color in their skin and so they seem to “glow” more and look more radiant. But I love both. I prefer the Seki bodies although they’re more petite and it’s harder to get barbie clothes to fit them. They’ve got some beautiful doll coordinate pattern books for them though and if I can learn to sew, I’ll have to try some of the clothes.


Now on to the dolly projects. I really need to finish my francie reroot. I’d like to get her ready for Sunday. My Obitsu ooak sold. I’ll miss her but have to find ways to fund my momoko obsession. I’m also attempting to let go of an Annz doll. I’m just trying to keep only what I really love. For instance, I just got a nude Afternoon off momoko with the intention of repainting her but she’s so cute that I don’t want to, so I may repaint my Everyday B girl instead. I bought that one nude when I was just starting my momoko addiction. It’s a lot cheaper to get them nude or redressed. But we’ll see how my Cafe au Lait auction goes. If she doesn’t sell then I might not repaint anymore momokos. I’ll do some more obitsus and barbie dolls. I may do some anime characters. The possibilities are endless.

By sylviecola

I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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