Doll House


Here’s a new Close-Clipped Petworks Momoko CCS AW06 Suite Chocolate. She’s so cute. She really reminds me of my 3 yr old. I know I probably say that about most of the Momokos. One day I’ll have to post a side by side comparison.

Speaking of my living doll, I wanted to get her a doll house but they’re so expensive and I just can’t justify paying 100 bucks on a piece of plastic with tacky decor so I made her one out of a card board box. I’ll post pictures next time. My camera is out of battery. It’s still a work in progress too. I was just going to put windows and a door and leave it at that but the artist in me now has to do the exterior and interior design of the place. She’s not quite getting into it yet but hopefully as it looks more and more real she will. I know it’s not the Barbie Dreamhouse she sees on Nick Jr. Mine will be a more 20th century modern design. I’ll put some frills and curtains to make it more Barbieish for her though.

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2 Comments on “Doll House”

  1. rose diliscia Says:

    What a good idea to make the dollhouse so you can customize it.

  2. sylviecola Says:

    I will post pics when finished. It’s lots of fun decorating it.

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