Learning to sew

re-root for candijacks

Today I’m happy to show my latest re-root momoko. She was commissioned to look like the ooak Private Label Momoko doll. I think if her layers were just a tad shorter she probably would be almost a dead ringer. The facial screening is different too. This is a 9-5 momoko. I’m not quite sure what the Private label doll was originally. Maybe Day off delight? I don’t have her so I don’t know for sure.

She’s wearing a new dress my friend made for me off of the A-line dress pattern from Puchicollective. I’m learning to sew and will hopefully make my own from scratch. I did cut out the pattern on the second dress that my Celia,(pd2a) is wearing and I also sewed on the snaps. I know big deal right? Again baby steps for me 😉 The fun part is picking out the fabrics. There’s a quilt store down the street that has all sorts of fun prints on their fabrics so we had fun picking them out and what’s really nice is you hardly need any. This will hopefully save me a bundle on buying dolly clothes. Also, for my customs, I’d like to be able to dress them in something nice that’s inexpensive but doesn’t look cheap.

Celia modeling a new dress

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5 Comments on “Learning to sew”

  1. Evilain Says:

    I love those dolls, and I wish I had a collection of my own…I’m an artist and I just can’t wait till I get my hands on one of these dolls…but I have no idea where to get them 😦
    Could you please recommend me online-store?
    My e-mail is roxolanochka [ at ] mail.ru

    Thank you a lot!

  2. sylviecola Says:

    Hi Evi,
    There’s several place online to get these cuties.
    I highly recommend joining http://www.thisisblythe.com
    Gina has a store there as well where she sells some of the blythes and her prices are very reasonable. Plus, people are always offering dolls for sale on the forum. You can also check eBay. Do comparison shop though because some sellers are very overpriced.
    Good luck in your search.

  3. julia Says:

    hi there…
    i just bought myself a blythe doll last saturday.. and cant wait to photograph her..
    i named her cherry merry.

    by the way.. evi u can grab urself a petite blythe doll sg wang.. 4th floor..

    to the tuan rumah..
    can we be friends.??


  4. Evilain Says:

    sylviecola, thank you so much =)

    julia, Hi ^_^
    I guess we can, here is my e-mail ^_^

    roxolanochka [ at ] mail.ru

  5. Evilain Says:

    P.S.: Does anyone know where to buy dolls like this one? =)

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