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Load of Blythes!

Custom V-smash

Well today my doll of the day is my new custom V-Smash. My friend’s husband is loaning me his top of the line airbrush so I’ve been learning to use it on non other than Blythe! I think,(I hope,) once I get the hang of it my custom face-ups will go a lot faster and look more professional. Plus I really don’t like using Mr. Super Clear to seal the make-up because I’ve noticed it attracts dirt and being that I like to beable to play with these dolls and have a house full of animals and kids, I can’t have anything dirt attracting because it is everywhere in my house. So here’s my first custom using an airbrush. I just love her and am having a hard time letting go of her. I got her for the intention of reselling but this isn’t working out very well so far as I keep wanting to keep them! I’m sure eventually I’ll let some go. This is a new addiction for me so maybe it will take a little more time than it did with Momokos to let them go.

So I got a shipment of Blythes, (including v-smash above…) last week. 5 dolls to be exact! The idea was to customize some for re-sale. Like I said, not doing too well with the reselling. I got 4 from yahoo japan through Crescent. They’re really the best I think and they only charge actual shipping so by having it all shipped together I saved on the shipping costs where it was more like $15 per doll as opposed to $25 or $30 per doll. Some actually have the nerve to charge $50 in shipping. I’m surprised they’re a powerseller and I urge everyone PLEASE SHOP AROUND! In fact, the seller that charges $50 to ship a doll from Hong Kong gets some of their dolls off yahoo japan. I’ve seen their screen name- same as on eBay. So… EBay is not always the best place and some sellers take advantage of the high shipping costs. For example, I bought some shoes from another seller in Hong Kong and being that shoes are light, their shipping for 1 pair was $3.50. I thought, well, I’ll get several pairs to save on shipping from Hong Kong. I asked for the combine shipping rate and it ended up costing $12 in shipping for 2 pairs of shoes and 2 dresses. I thought that was a rip off but went ahead and paid. It came in an envelope and I somehow doubt is cost $12 bucks to ship. I probably won’t be buying from that seller again.

So that’s my vent for the day. I try to see what’s on yahoo japan first before going through eBay. Actually the most reasonable seller of all is Gina Garan, the person responsible for Blythe’s resurrection. But she sells out quickly because she is the best. I got my new Merry Skier from her. Super fast shipping too! When I sell through eBay I only charge actual shipping. Sometimes I may add a dollar handling fee because of shipping supplies but other than that the customer is paying what I pay and not a penny more. I only wish other sellers would do the same for me and other customers instead of trying to scam us.

Well after all this venting I thought I should include more pictures of my super cute V-Smash that I’m supposed to sell but can’t seem to do it just yet… Of course, I’m willing to take offers to those that fall in love with her too…;-)

Custom V-smash

Custom V-smash

By sylviecola

I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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Hi, thanks for posting about Crescent. I’ve been buying a lot of doll things from HK recently and had to stop because the shipping prices are insane.

No problem.
No use in paying more than we have to. These dolls are expensive as it is without shipping.

Crescent is great and they have automated bidding so you can bid on the auctions in real time.

Is there a particular seller that is best to use? I notice a lot of them do not ship internationally. 🙁

If you go off Yahoo japan you have to use a bidding service like Crescent. Otherwise eBay is o.k. I also use hobbylink or hobby search but you have jump in on the pre-orders because they sell out quick. On eBay I like the seller ayakoshi_jp_dollmania. Usually his prices are fair and very good service. Good luck in your search and don’t forget to check out because a lot of people are trading on there all the time.

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