Re-roots, re-roots and more re-roots


So I’m up to my ears in saran lately. Here’s one of my latest commissions. She’s a Mama Told Me but the customer has swiftly and fittingly re-named her “Don’t listen to Mama”. She’s been re-rooted in Caddy Red Katsilk and her eye-color and eyebrows were changed as well. The customer wanted a doll that was similar to the very rare and very expensive 04rxb. He was going to use 04DS as the base doll because she’s a very close match but decided on MTM instead. So she’s truly a ooak beauty. I absolutely love the results of this doll. I love the red hair especially. And with the black eyebrows…well I just really love this doll. I was sad to have to send her off already but she’s just a little too cool to be in our suburban home. Definitely an edgy New Yorker for sure. I hope to see many pictures of her and perhaps I’ll have to make her twin one day when I get the chance.

Sakura Haruno

Now this one is Sakura Haruno from the Anime Naruto. She was previously a Groovy Girl Momoko. She’s another cutie. I love her pink hair. One of these days I’m going to do a pink haired doll for me. It’s funny because I use to hate pink but now I love it. I don’t know why. Very strange indeed.

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2 Comments on “Re-roots, re-roots and more re-roots”

  1. Kerry Says:

    I love her! I’ve never liked momoko dolls. now they are cuter to me.

  2. sylviecola Says:

    Momokos kind of sneak up on you. Next think you know, you’ll have 20.XD

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