I sure do love red hair…


I was commissioned to do a BT06 red copy so here’s a shot of mine and the customers. Which is which? I don’t know they’re twins. 😉 I honestly wouldn’t mind owning two. These two are so stunning. I’d really like to get my hands on the exact hair color from the original BT06 red. A friend of a friend who lives in Japan knows what company makes it but I guess it’s impossible to find. I guess CCS05AW red head Victorian Nature has the same exact color also. Perhaps that’s part of the fun of doll collecting though. Hunting for that prized doll that seems forever out of ones reach. I’m pretty happy with my copy though. It definitely slowed my hunt and need for the original BT06 red.

In between all these commissions my sale page looks pretty pathetic so I’m working on a Momoko re-root to put up for sale. Do check back in the next day or two here and on my sale page. Right now I have my custom Velvet Minuet Blythe doll up there and that’s it. Everything else sold so I’m trying to “restock” at least a little tidbit. Would love to do more but time just doesn’t permit.

I will keep you all posted…

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