Dreamy Mango

Apple Greens, originally uploaded by sylviecola(trying to catch up.).

Here’s a newly customized girl. She’s another Simply Mango since I decided to keep Ms. Lassi who was originally intended for customizing.
I hate it when that happens and it’s been happening too much lately. I’m going to have to let go of some more girls. IFDC is coming up and I did promise to bring some custom dolls with me to offer for sale so perhaps that will be a good time to de-clutter

This lovely girl was given a fresh face with cute little freckles and new airbrushed make-up. Her lips were carved and she has 4 new sets of Brainworm eye-chips. I also gave her some pale blonde lashes.

She is sold already. Sorry to tease. She’s off to Sweden tomorrow. Hopefully the issue with the volcanic ash won’t interfere with her travel plans.

And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I’m going to take the day to work on another custom. One of my own projects. My husband said “You’re going to work today??”
But it’s a treat to work on my ideas so it’s not really work. Bless him though. He’s so sweet!

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