Maybe 2, Maybe 3


I’ve been having more time to customize and trying to have a goal of what I can get done in a month now that school is back in session for the kids. September came and went fast. Last week of September I took a quick inventory of the dolls I did that month. Wasn’t hard at all as I found it was only two! I had another commission on my desk waiting and decided to get cracking to see if she could be finished before the month’s end. I went to it, working on her in my studio instead of in my kitchen. Less distractions that way! I have afternoon help now with my son because of his special needs. So I took advantage of the extra help. I almost made it too. But my help cancelled on Friday, the last day of September so I had to stop working once the kids arrived home. Otherwise, I may have made it.

Saturday, I did have help so I was able to complete her. Technically she’s my first doll of October.


She’s a custom Candace Majorette. Isn’t she sweet? Her mama seems very pleased. I had to pack her up and send her back already.


As you can see she has little teeth and perhaps you can see some eyebrows peeking out too. My last three dolls have had eyebrows. I do like them from time to time. I can’t say I’d want them on every doll. Part of what makes Blythe a Blythe is that she for some reason never had eyebrows. But now it seems eyebrows are all the rage on these girls. Ah well, they’re fun to have on some girls. They can add a lot more expression for the overall look.

So October is officially here. I will set my goal to do 3 more girls this month. Stay tuned!


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