Introducing Bucky


My latest custom is a Zinochika. I love the FBL mold once customized. Such a sweet face they have.


Her hair is pretty long and I think FBLs foreheads tend to look big so I gave her eyebrows and bangs to help frame her face better.


And of course, I call her Bucky because of her teeth. She’s a sweet little ginger. She has already found a home and I hope her new mama gets a lot of enjoyment out of her.


I will be working on some personal projects and need to find a new doll to customize to offer for adoption. I have a Middie waiting for a new face so we’ll see if I make her available or decide to keep her.

Till next time!

By sylviecola

I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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