How To Make Blythe Doll Custom Teeth (The Easy Way!)


I made another Blythe doll custom with teeth. In my last post, I gave hints on what to use to make pearly white realistic teeth.

Here’s what it looks like behind the scenes…

Fimo translucent clay teeth
Ready to bake!

Now, I’m going to assume if you’re wanting to make Blythe teeth, you already know how to do some basic carving and sculpting. You can play around with the clay and decide how you want to shape it to look like teeth.

I baked the clay on parchment paper in the toaster oven set at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for around 5-7 minutes. You have to watch it because it will start to turn yellow if you leave it in too long.

Ready to install

After baking them, once cooled, I used a coat of gloss medium and tried fitting them. Make sure you seal the inside of the faceplate with Mr. Super Clear to prevent any pastel residue from staining the teeth.

Trim and fit…

Getting the teeth to fit in place was a little tricky and I ended up having to trim them with an Exacto knife to fit. Thankfully, this clay has some flexibility to it and can be easily trimmed.

A peak inside

Blythe Custom Doll tool list and supplies: Click here!

Next, I used Aileen’s Fast Grab tacky glue which has enough viscosity to it to keep the teeth in place, and yet you still have time to adjust it.

Because this doll has such a wide-open mouth, I needed something behind the teeth to hide the inside of the head. What’s behind teeth? A tongue of course! Got some regular Sculpey clay and made a tongue shape, baked it, painted it a rosy color, and then glossed it and installed it with tacky glue.

Tongue and all!
Ready to put back together!

So here she is! Introducing my latest toothy custom! April!


April is available for Adoption in the shop here!

Hope this post was informative and helpful on how to make Blythe doll custom teeth! Thanks for stopping by and have a happy doll day!

By sylviecola

I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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