November 17, 2006


Today’s momokos are School Girl hanging out with Daisy D playing the guitar. They’re really rocking out having a ball on this Friday.

Well, I finished the obitsu doll yesterday. I just couldn’t stop working on her once I got started. My husband immediately thought she looked like Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. She looks awesome and I already have her up for auction on eBay. Click here to view or bid.

ooak dolls 059

Dolly days

November 16, 2006


Here’s 02sm looking kind of discoey.

On my dolly projects my obitsus arrived and I’ve already started some preliminary painting. I’ll post after pictures when they’re done. Here’s the work in progress. Still have to finish rerooting francie. I know, it’s been a while. But I prefer repainting.


Another day another friday

November 10, 2006

School Girl Mix

My momoko of the day is School Girl mix in a red shirt. The red shirt comes from Comme Ca du Mao Susie by RnD. Susie is another doll that I’m fond of. I actually found about Susie first. RnD was one of the original suppliers of momoko and then they came up with their own doll. She’s quite beautiful and has an interesting ethnic background of being part Chinese and part Spanish. It’s fun how they come up with these background stories for these dolls.

For my 3 yr old, I promised I would paint her this doll. Like me, she feels limited by Barbie’s inability to move other then move her arms and legs up and down and slightly bend her knees. So I got her this Azone blank doll which has the same body as the early momokos which she can pose and play more with her. It’s funny, I’ll ask her dolls what their names are and she always names them Clippy. 😀
Azone blank doll

Pretty Girls

November 9, 2006

Daisy and 04DS

Today’s momokos are Daisy D and 04DS posed together. I have Daisy in Jellybeans Generation’s outfit. She looks real good. I bought her nude so she has to borrow a lot of clothing. She looks good in punkish hip stuff. 04DS looks good in feminine flowery stuff. I really have to learn to sew though so I can make more outfits for these beauties. The doll coordinate recipe books from Japan just have the most beautiful clothes. My friend is going to help me try them out.

Well, off to finish my Francie. I will post pictures when I’m done.

trying to get motivated…

November 8, 2006

Jellybeans Momoko

My momoko of the day is Jelly Beans Generation. She was a collaboration between Petworks and Azone. She was my first Petworks momoko. I have 4 Petworks momokos. The main difference between the Sekiguchi and Petworks is the body. I think the face mold is the same although I’ve heard talk of them being slightly different, I honestly don’t see it. The skin tone would be the other difference. The Sekiguchi’s for the most part are a lot paler. Perhaps that’s why some people prefer the Petworks over Sekiguchi. There’s more color in their skin and so they seem to “glow” more and look more radiant. But I love both. I prefer the Seki bodies although they’re more petite and it’s harder to get barbie clothes to fit them. They’ve got some beautiful doll coordinate pattern books for them though and if I can learn to sew, I’ll have to try some of the clothes.


Now on to the dolly projects. I really need to finish my francie reroot. I’d like to get her ready for Sunday. My Obitsu ooak sold. I’ll miss her but have to find ways to fund my momoko obsession. I’m also attempting to let go of an Annz doll. I’m just trying to keep only what I really love. For instance, I just got a nude Afternoon off momoko with the intention of repainting her but she’s so cute that I don’t want to, so I may repaint my Everyday B girl instead. I bought that one nude when I was just starting my momoko addiction. It’s a lot cheaper to get them nude or redressed. But we’ll see how my Cafe au Lait auction goes. If she doesn’t sell then I might not repaint anymore momokos. I’ll do some more obitsus and barbie dolls. I may do some anime characters. The possibilities are endless.

Hooray it’s Friday!

November 3, 2006

Daisy D and 02sm

My momokos of the day are 02DD also known as Daisy D posing with 02SM. I should find a name for 02SM. Hmmm, I think Mindy comes to mind. Don’t know why.

As far as dolly projects, I’m running behind. Still working on rerooting Francie and trying to also get the guts to repaint a nude cafe au lait momoko which I just got for the sole purpose of repainting her. I’m still waiting on 3 more nude momokos to repaint and possibly reroot. Just wanted to post some picts of my lovely momokos perhaps as inspiration to finish those other projects.

Obitsu OOAK

October 31, 2006


My momoko of the day is this 02SM. She’s similar to the 01AT also known as the Wolfe Cut momoko because of her hairdo. This one has red hair instead of brown. I just got her from someone in the GOGO momoko yahoo group and am thrilled to have aquired her for a great price!

On my dolly projects I decided to repaint my obitsu doll. She looked good before but I decided to go for more realism with the eyes. I’m really thrilled with how she came out. Click here to view the auction and to see more pictures.