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This is sweet choco momoko. I call her Akane because she looks like the character in Ramna 1/2.

I’ve listed my Haruka face-up on eBay. Click on the image to view or bid. I went for a more natural look on her and think she’ll look good with lighter hair.


Also here’s a sneak peak at my newest obitsu 1/6 sized head. I’m not sure when I’ll be listing her head. If anyone is interested in buying the head before then, I’m asking $50.00 plus shipping. The body can be included for an additional $24 and the shipping costs are the same with or without the body. Click here to contact me.

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60cm BJD's anime Art ball-jointed dolls bjd Custom Dollies dollfie Dolls momoko obitsu Super Dollfie

Volk’s Dollfie boy

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Here we have my rerooted CCS 06SS orange with a newly painted Volk’s dollfie male doll. I just finished him and his head is now for sale on my website . Click here to purchase. It’s nice to have some males around in the doll world. I plan on doing some more male doll heads pretty soon. My momoko is wearing Haruhara Haruko doll skooter outfit from the anime FLCL. We just got the boxed set DVD and are enjoying that. I highly recommend it and it has director commentary, outtakes and all that fun stuff.

Here is my latest Obitsu Haruka head. I’m waiting on a blonde wig to model her in because I think her coloring will go best with lighter hair. If anyone is interested in buying this head before I put it up on eBay, please contact me. I’ll be putting her up probably sometime this week. Right now I’m asking $65 and it includes the green acrylic eyes.

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Today’s momokos are School Girl hanging out with Daisy D playing the guitar. They’re really rocking out having a ball on this Friday.

Well, I finished the obitsu doll yesterday. I just couldn’t stop working on her once I got started. My husband immediately thought she looked like Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. She looks awesome and I already have her up for auction on eBay. Click here to view or bid.

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