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This is sweet choco momoko. I call her Akane because she looks like the character in Ramna 1/2.

I’ve listed my Haruka face-up on eBay. Click on the image to view or bid. I went for a more natural look on her and think she’ll look good with lighter hair.


Also here’s a sneak peak at my newest obitsu 1/6 sized head. I’m not sure when I’ll be listing her head. If anyone is interested in buying the head before then, I’m asking $50.00 plus shipping. The body can be included for an additional $24 and the shipping costs are the same with or without the body. Click here to contact me.

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Art ball-jointed dolls bjd Blogroll Custom Dollies Dolls momoko obitsu Super Dollfie

Obitsu Gretel head


Here’s Goodnight Cherry. She’s wearing some Volk’s WTG separates.

I finished the Obitsu Gretel head and have it up on eBay tonight. I love this face mold. It reminds me of Elfdoll Soah.
obitsu gretel 135

Click here to view or bid.

I also finished another Haruka head and I will post pictures tomorrow.

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White Hazy Orange reroot

Here’s a new reroot I worked on all weekend and yesterday. I had to fill the void of my previous reroot. I took CCS White Hazy Wind Orange and turned her into a BT06 Black. I only had pictures to go by but I think I got it pretty close. I love her either way and am quite happy with how she came out.

Now I need to get to painting some doll heads. Rerooting took up all of my time aside from the usual tending to my little ones and the hubby and housework ect…