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Obitsu OOAK


My momoko of the day is this 02SM. She’s similar to the 01AT also known as the Wolfe Cut momoko because of her hairdo. This one has red hair instead of brown. I just got her from someone in the GOGO momoko yahoo group and am thrilled to have aquired her for a great price!

On my dolly projects I decided to repaint my obitsu doll. She looked good before but I decided to go for more realism with the eyes. I’m really thrilled with how she came out. Click here to view the auction and to see more pictures.

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The Rebel

Mama Told Me... Here’s my momoko of the day.  I absolutely love this momoko. This is Mama Told Me and she’s newly released. She’s a punk rocker. She’s so cool. Definetly a fav.

Well, I’m working on another Francie doll. I removed all her hair and now must reroot her. Just have to figure out what hair color. Maybe the chocolate. Yummy! Always love chocolate! 😉

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive…

My momoko of the day is this school girl mix doll. I’d have to say she really reminds me of my oldest daughter. Of course, my girl doesn’t wear glasses yet.

So the saying goes “ask and ye shall receive” right? Yesterday, I mentioned that I wanted to do a momoko repaint and suddenly several nude or used ones came up for sale for a reasonable price so I pounced and bought them. It will be hard though to change their cute faces. I have no qualms with the barbies because there’s usually something I don’t like about them but momokos are so unique and cute that it will be hard to do that. But I accept the challenge.

I have 2 auctions of ooak barbies. One’s a vintage Malibu repaint/reroot and the other is a poseable barbie repaint. I’m not sure what her former incarnation was. You can view them here.

School girl mix