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Productive Weekend!

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Here is my lovely Anika from my bonus truck again. She’s wearing a new skirt from Volk’s Dollfie WTG clothing line. Nice clothing for not too bad prices.

It’s been a very productive weekend for me. It is unsually cold for Arizona and yesterday is was grey and rainy so we didn’t go anywhere and I painted one of my obitsu heads.


She is so pretty and reminds me of a fairy or nymph. Her head will be up on eBay tonight.

I also finished rerooting a vintage Francie head and have repainted her and am now rooting the eyelashes. Hopefully I’ll have her available for sale tomorrow so check back.

I also did a little more work on my haruka head but am still waiting on the wig.

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Gotta get crackin’

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Here’s Good Night Cherry. I sold the Sweet Poodle doll from the Bonus Truck and someone else was selling Good Night Cherry from their Bonus Truck so it almost worked out to an even trade. She’s so much prettier than I was expecting. Very romantic. Me and my 3 yr old pretend she’s Sammy’s ( 02DD) sister.  Sammy’s more the hip rocker girl and Cherry is more feminine and demure.

On my dolly projects, I’m still rerooting Francie and I got a bunch of heads from Junky Spot this weekend. Plus my male head from Volks came so I got loads of dolly projects to do and not enough time to do them. My other 1/6 sized obitsu dolls and heads sold and have either just arrived or are on their way to their new homes. I’m also waiting on a wig for my haruka doll head and still working on the face-up. Here’s a shot of the obitsu heads I just got. I thought they looked neat lined up with the different hair colors.


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Here’s a shot of my new girl from the Bonus Truck. I call her Anika because she’s Scandinavian and I think that’s a nice name for her.

Finally getting some other dolly projects done such as finishing my Francie reroot from a few months ago. I have to do her eyelashes too and will also repaint her. I also removed the hair from my nude sweet poodle momoko doll and will be rerooting her as well. When I see some of these custom momoko models in the photos from different doll shows posted on Almond-Eyed Beauties , I get really inspired. Plus, there are some new special momokos on the official site and I can tell some of the faces are just rerooted previous dolls. It’s like the Bonus Truck Red Head and Black Haired dolls are just White Hazy Wind Momokos from the CCS 06SS line. It’s amazing how great they look with different hair.

While we’re still on the subject of my favorite doll, I wanted to mention that there most definetly is a difference between the quality of CCS/Petworks and the Sekiguchi momokos that I hadn’t noticed before but had heard about and that’s the vinyl on the heads of the CCS/Petworks is a much better quality. It’s smoother and has a better tone to it. The clothing is a little bit better made as well.

I’ll post pics of Francie when she’s done.