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Fashion frenzy!

April 16, 2007

New Clothes

Well, since my momoko family has expanded I thought it was time to focus on getting them some great clothes. Here’s my hazy wind reroot modeling the Volk’s WTG fashions. I’ve named her Ruby. I’m not always quick to name my dolls and sometimes my 3 yr old helps me. Any doll with light long hair and bangs get the name of Clippy for some reason. Any doll with long dark hair with bangs get the name “Sammy” like my Daisy D. I guess it depends on their hairstyle. She comes up with good names every so often. Like Jill, my rerooted poodle, who’s in a new home now. The new owner kept that name for her and it fits her quite well.

I do have a new face-up on eBay right now. It’s an Obitsu Haruka head. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

Lots of projects, some playtime…

April 12, 2007

momokos 1053

My momoko today is another reroot. This is a commission and was previously a Go For Victory Momoko. She looks so lovely with the brown hair. The next project is a Get Ready Summer reroot from the same customer and that will be a fun change also.

I’ve got so many projects going right now that I’m not getting much time for playing but did squeeze in some doll play time the other day because they got some new clothes that they had to model. So much fun and so relaxing after some crazy days with 2 little ones, keeping house and working on commissions.

I did manage to get a face-up on eBay. It’s a platinum haired obitsu head. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

obitsus, momokos, tonners…

March 23, 2007

thought I was going to pass on these 2...

I thought I was going to pass on these two beauties. I really told myself, “nah, I don’t need these…I’ll concentrate on the more expensive CCS line…” Best laid plans I guess. After seeing such adorable photos of them from fellow momoko enthusiasts I couldn’t pass them up. The promo pictures don’t always do justice with these dolls. It’s almost the opposite from the Barbie line which makes the doll look a lot better in the promo pictures and then you get her in real life and she just doesn’t measure up. But Momokos usually look as good if not better than their promo pictures and Barbie can’t beat Momoko’s poseability factor and her awesome sense of street style and versatility. However, I do love the more vintage Barbies when they paid more attention to detail.

Another doll that has awesome articulation is of course, Obitsus! I have a new head on eBay. I just love her green eyes and black hair.

Click here or on the picture to view or bid. I have a Tonner Brenda Starr doll I plan on repainting. Hopefully after I get my commissions done I can get started on her. I’m looking forward to painting on a bigger face so I can get more detailed. Keep checking back and have a great weekend!

March 20, 2007

Hazy wind reroot

Today’s momoko is my hazy wind orange reroot. I have loads of dolly projects I’m thinking about but of course, not enough time to do them.

I do have a new Obitsu Gretel head on eBay so click here or on the picture to view or bid. I will also be listing a 1/6 size obitsu head later this week.


March 9, 2007

Career girls

Well it’s another Friday and I’m glad for that! Here’s my momoko reroots 9-5 and Yukata Summer being busy career girls. You can bet they’re glad it’s Friday too! 😉

I have a new Haruka head up on eBay. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

Another Gretel

February 16, 2007

9-5 reroot

I just love this new reroot. I like to keep it simple and have hair to brush and play with so I don’t usually attempt fancy styles. But it’s nice to have the flexibilty to put her hair up or down. A lot of times when you buy a doll with it’s hair up it’s hiding lots of bald spots. It’s meant to stay in that style but invariably most of us doll nuts like to take their hair down and do something different with it.

I just listed another Obitsu Gretel head on eBay. She’s such a pretty face mold. She’d be pretty even for a resin mold. Click here or on the photo to view or bid.

Plans are in the works for me to create my own ball-jointed doll. I will probably model it after my girls who are the most beautiful living dolls you’ll ever see. But I’m their mom so of course I’m biased. But they both have some classic features that are doll like. It will be interesting to see how this turns out so stay tuned…

New momo reroot

February 14, 2007

you like my hair?

Here’s Nine to Five momoko rerooted as a blonde. Another all weekend project but I always love the results. They get a new head of hair that’s silky soft instead of stiff and unmanageable. The hair on the Sekiguchi momokos tend to be that way and a new head of hair takes an o.k. doll to a new favorite. And this is another one I planned on selling but again not so sure… I think I’ll enjoy her for a little bit and again if anyone is interested in buying her just contact me.

I have my obitsu mahoghany head up for sale on eBay right now. Click here or the picture to view or bid.