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Crunch Time

March 12, 2009

Maggie's girl

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted last but I’ve been working on stuff and the latest is a mohair custom I finished for a customer. I’m really pleased with her outcome. Mohair is tricky to work with and gets matted so easily so it takes me a while to detangle it after finishing the rooting. She has a Cool Cat scalp and eye chips and was previously a Prima Dolly Aubrena. I airbrushed her make-up in pinkish tones including some airbrushing on the lips. I must admit she’s pretty dreamy and I wanted to play with her more but her owner didn’t waste any time paying for her so off she went just as soon as she was finished.

I say crunch time because I’m expecting any day now so I had to get as much done as possible before the new living dolly make his entrance. This may keep me away for a while although I hope not and hope to get back to work after some recovery time. In fact, I’m expecting the new set of Prima dollies toward the end of the month so hopefully that will motivate me to get back to work. Or at least provide some much needed doll therapy.

I’ve also had many people ask if I’ll be putting up more episodes of The Chronicles of Judith and my answer is yes, I hope so! Probably slow but definitely plan to continue for as long as my sister writes for it and my husband is willing to do music for it.

But for now I prepare for the new one which will definitly keep me busy. Until then, sianara!

Musical Scalps

January 13, 2009


This stunning beauty above is Miss Sally Rice with Milky Sugar Way’s scalp and then I gave her bangs because I’m partial for bangs. She has the hair I want. The color is so rich. I had played around with different scalps for her and I’m finally settling on this one. Her previous scalp was Velvet Minuet’s I had laying around. VM ended up getting Merry Skier’s scalp which was then dyed to black and turned into “Goth girl for Iveta”

So where did VM’s scalp go?

HH custom

Here it is. The custom Hello Harvest that I’ve been working on for now what would be a year has finally settled on VM’s scalp with this paige boy hair cut. She now has a totally mod look to her. She’ll be available for sale soon. I’m just waiting on a custom dress for her. Do message me if interested.

She originally had her own scalp dyed red and then given bangs but now the scalpless Merry Skier will get that I think.  The RBL’s and SBL’s scalps are molded the same. It’s just a matter of prying them off their domes.

So, that’s the story of musical scalps.

Stock girls

December 28, 2008

Cold day

I’m not sure why but as much as I love to customize I really prefer my own dolls to be pretty close to stock if not completely stock. Above is the new Primadolly Aubrena. She’s really just lovely as is. I don’t have any desire to change her except maybe replace her orange chips. I used to sand matte these dolls as soon as I got them but lately I can’t even do that if they have nice make-up. I don’t think they come as shiny as they used to.

I thought I got her to customize but she’s too perfect. Maybe I’ll have to get another in a few months simply for customizing. Hopefully her price won’t shoot up. She’s not limited and starts for under $100 but she’s selling out at the cheaper places like Hobbylink and Hobby Search. The exchange rates these days are terrible so Yahoo Japan hasn’t been a good option.

Below is a new Kenner. I sold off several dolls and clothes to get her. The seller was patient enough to let me make payments. Plus she was a much better deal than if I went to Evilbay.
She didn’t need much work done to her. Her forehead had a big scrape on it which I sanded away and there’s still some faint little scratches left but not very noticeable. She got some more de-frizzing and her lips were touched up. Her eyeballs were a little yellowed so I whitened those up a bit. I may still apply pearl drops to whiten them some more but I’m pretty happy with her for now. She’s so sweet. A nice companion for Fern my blonde Kenner.


Introducing Judith.

November 18, 2008

Surveying her surroundings

I sold my first Prima dolly Aubrey I earlier this year but then CWC came out with an encore version so I jumped on getting another one at the Prima Dolly introductory price. I finally got around to giving her her own special look and personality. So here’s Judith and she may be starting her own blog chronicling her life in Suburbia as a boarder of a soon to be family of five. As you can see she’s pretty nervous.

Below is a very light custom I did for a dolly friend who always keeps me busy with her huge collection of dolls and ideas. She’s Mod Molly with some added make-up changes. I kept her green eye shadow and airbrushed a fresh yellow on her lids. I also repainted her lips and added more blush. She’s been given new lashes and sleep eyes and boggle. Nothing too dramatic from the original as I think Mod Molly is a great doll to begin with. She already had this hair cut but I went ahead and evened it out and fixed the wonky bangs that, for some reason, always need adjusting on stock Blythes.

She’s borrowing a sweater that my mom knitted. Perhaps I could get mom to knit more of these cardigans in different colors…

Iveta's girl

Well, back to work on the line of Momokos waiting to be madeover for those who wait. But I just had to have a Blythe binge the past week and get it out of my system.

Week 2 of boycott and other projects

February 26, 2008

Custom for Laura

Today’s Blythe is a new custom I did for Plastic Fashions . She an extremely talented clothes designer that does both human size and Blythe size clothes. She was looking for a side part raven haired rbl girl so I turned her Saffy into one. As expected, a Raven haired doll is usually guaranteed to be quite stunning.

Well, it’s week 2 of the boycott against eBay. I’m pessimistic that they’ll change their ways because it’s obvious they want to push the smaller sellers out the door and align themselves with big companies like Sears and GM. You can read about all the dirty tactics they’ve been pulling here. They’re actually trying to make it hard for buyers to leave 5 star feedback ratings and testing out new page views that say in big red letters “This seller has low ratings for shipping time.” The seller doesn’t even know this is what their page looks like and this particular example showed that the Seller had 4 out of 5 stars for shipping time. 4 is said to be good when the buyer is selecting it and yet eBay is turning around saying it’s a low rating. Ridiculous isn’t it? Almost hard to believe but click here to see what I mean. And what’s worse is they’re advertising other sellers similar items to direct the buyer away from the auction. They’re advertising on that seller’s dime. So, as a sometime seller on eBay, I have to ask myself why on earth would I subject myself to that kind of treatment and actually pay for it? Well, I won’t. End of story. Their mission is accomplished. I’m not going to waste my money on them. And I’m not going to buy from them either. EBay will most likely completely change from being an auction site where you can find rare collectibles and hard to find items to just another online shopping mall where you see the same things you’d see in any shopping mall.

So what’s a doll collector to do? Check out the other auction sites. Sign up with a deputy service like Crescent so you can bid on Yahoo Japan. Check out doll forums like A lot of people sell their dolls through there and the official This is Blythe shop has lots of great stuff and good deals on newly released Blythes right in the U.S. Check out the many handmade items on Etsy. I’ll start adding links to great sites for doll purchases and sundries. There’s online stores like Hobby Link Japan which has some great prices on Blythes and Momokos but they sell out fast so keep up to date with their pre-order sales.

To be honest, I haven’t been using eBay as much to buy dolls and accessories. I had a few small purchases here and there but I found better deals elsewhere and I think prices will only rise due to the changes.

The first week of the boycott showed a 13% drop in listings. Not too shabby. They attempted to get my business by offering me $5.00 off shipping on my next five purchases. I’ve never gotten a coupon from eBay so I did find that very telling. But I’m closing the book on eBay. Time will tell what effect this boycott will have and hopefully the doors will be flooded open with their competition so the consumers have more choices on where to shop and sell.

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2008

New Papers

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Celebration. Here’s a Blythe of the day. She’s Ichigo Heaven and she’s modeling in front of some nice paper that my husband got me for Christmas. He also ordered Lati Lea so I’m anxiously awaiting her arrival which will probably be sometime this month.

On the doll projects I finished a cool commission I really like. The customer asked for Snow White momoko to be re-rooted with a princess hair cut and red streaks in black hair. Here are the results.

For Shoshanah
She’s also modeling in front of the papers hubby got me.

May your 2008 be great and prosperous and full of happiness and peace.
Happy doll day!