Welcome to my dolly world. As you can see, I mostly collect and customize Blythes. I make Blythes for sale on Etsy and through Instagram. Please give me a follow on both accounts. Also on Facebook.

I’m also happy to share my knowledge on customizing Blythe so stay tuned and feel free to ask any questions. I will try to answer and perhaps even create a post about it!

For now, happy doll day!




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Its wonderful to see a loveing and caring mom interested in dolls.
Here I have a question if you could reply.
How I can add pictures to my blog as you have added so many, If you could help me it would be your kind gesture.

Hi Zahranqvi,
Thanks for your kind words.
To add pictures to your blog it helps to have a hosting service like
photo bucket or flickr. Then those services usually give you the url to the photo and on wordpress there’s an image icon toward the top when you’re wrting in your blog. If you click on that a separate box will appear where you paste the url of the picture.

Hi there,
My name is Hannah, I’m 16 and I live in Germany. I am now in my high school graduation and have to write a skilled worker. I decided to write it in art and use dolls as a subject. I wanted to go into particular Blythe dolls and also costumise one myself. I wanted to take a few words from someone who is into blythe dolls into my work. I would be happy if you can tell me a few words how you got into your hobby. What inspires you, what you find so great about blythe dolls in particular, what is your motivation behind it. If you can give me answers to such or similar questions, I would be very happy 😀

Best wishes

Hi Hannah, I’ve been into the Blythe hobby for a long time now. I feel so old! I started in 2006. I love sweet childlike faces and my children and anything cute is what keeps me going. I will try to post tips and tricks of customizing. Thanks for visiting.

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