busy busy busy…

last beach rodeo reroot

It’s been a wonderful dolly week so far. Hope everyone else that shares my obsession is having a great dolly week too.

My Momoko of the day is my last Beach Rodeo reroot. She was a commission and as soon as I finished her, I only had time to take a couple of quick shots before I sent her off. Then the recipient took some wonderful photos of her and man, I’m glad I sent her off quickly or I might have tried to keep her! Plus my other Beach Rodeo sold so I’m out of Beach Rodeos! I thought I was going to keep at least one but sometimes when someone wants my customs I have to oblige.

Of course, I had to fill the dolly void and the woman who commissioned me for this beauty above alerted me to the Deep Sea version of Whiter Shade of Blue Transperant Momoko on sale at Manika! The price was right and I snatched her up before she raised it by $25. Phew! Then to make things even more wonderful a person from the gogo momoko group offered up her 04ANLW for sale for an unbeatable price! I snatched her up too as I had given up hope of ever getting a chance to own her. So it’s been an amazing dolly week which will hopefully quench my momoko dolly thirst for quite a while.

Now, on to my other dolly projects… I finished the Tonner Brenda Starr repaint and listed her on eBay last night. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

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One Comment on “busy busy busy…”

  1. rose diliscia Says:

    Wow, is she ever GORGEOUS!

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