Epoxy Putty on Blythe Custom Dolls

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How using Epoxy Putty can enhance your Blythe Custom Doll…

See this cutie above? You notice she has teeth, but did you notice anything else? It’s a bit more subtle.

Ok I’ll give away my secret! She’s been modded with epoxy putty! Hopefully you can’t tell. Her eyes were made more deep-set and a little smaller.

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I’ve been experimenting for ways to reshape and make my Blythe Custom Dolls more unique and one of a kind. Besides carving and reshaping lips and around the mouth and nose, everything else on the Blythe face-plates is pretty tricky to customize. Not much plastic is left to mod and reshape.

Epoxy putty to the rescue!


Enter in Tamaya Epoxy Putty!

I have only used it on two dolls and it has been quite labor intensive learning curve but I’m happy with the results. If you notice, the eyes one both dolls are a little smaller and more deepset.

I played around with putting the putty around their eyes and then sanding and shaping to blend in with the rest of the face-plate. It took a lot of trial and error but eventually everything came together and I’m thrilled with the results.

I’m currently working on a 3rd doll. As I get better at it, I will share instructions on how to work with the epoxy putty to customize your own doll. Until then, enjoy some photos of my Epoxy girls. The red headed Ginny pictured below is for sale here in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for looking and have a Happy Doll Day!


Tackle your Art Supplies|Flambeau Tackleboxes

Alternative and Affordable Art Supply Storage for the organizationally challenged!

Do you have a lot of art supplies and no space to store them? If so, Flambeau Tacklebox is an economical way for you to keep track of all your different items. These tackle boxes are perfect for people with limited storage because they have many compartments to sort and organize all your doodads. Whether you are looking for a storage solution or just want to tidy up your craft space, this product will help!

Flambeau Tackle box
Gone fishing?

I’m not the most organized person in the world. Ok, to be honest, I’m a mess. I have my supplies for customizing Blythe dolls all over the place.

I have art supplies in one box and drawing supplies in another. I’m lucky if I can find the color pencils or paintbrushes that are closest to me when I need them!

Many compartments

The Flambeau Tacklebox is an economical way for you to keep track of all your different items. This item is perfect for people with are organizationally challenged because you can fit almost everything in one place and all the different compartments help you sort it all.

* They are made of high-quality, durable materials that will last through the years.

* The plastic boxes come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

For some reason, when you look for products that are specifically labeled for art organization and supplies, they tend to be on the pricey side. When I was taking art classes in college, a lot of the students were carrying their Artbins. For starving students, they are pretty expensive.

Recently, I was looking to finally make sense of my scattered art supplies. I have things stored in different containers and with making my Blythe custom dolls, I was always searching around for them.

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Tackleboxes to the rescue! These quality storage containers provide an affordable solution for containing all types of paintbrushes, carving tools, sanding sponges, and pretty much anything else you would put in a similarly configured Artbin but at a third of the price.

All in one place!

What’s more, these tackle boxes are very sturdy. Considering the fact that they’re meant to be taken by the water to go fishing, they have to be.

Sorry, Artbin. You’re overpriced!

What creative storage solutions have you found? Please comment below and let me know!


Blythe Custom Doll Cass|SCoLaDolls

Another Sassy Cassy!

Cass Custom Blythe Doll
Sassy Cassy!

Those grumpy girls get me every time. My last one May really made me smitten with her attitude. Let’s face it. We don’t always get what we want being nice!

Cass is another one that has high expectations…

Blythe custom doll
What is she thinking?

I named her after Cass Elliot who is best known for the Mamas and the Papas. I re-visited VH1’s Behind the Music the other day. It has been many years since I first watched it. As a teenager, I got into everything ’60s. I thought it was the coolest decade ever and I was just barely born right at the end of it.

Custom Blythe doll Cass
Go where you wanna go

I even had one of their albums. Cass was a charismatic force with a memorable voice. Her heart was broken by her bandmate, Denny Doherty whom she was in love with. His eyes were instead on Michelle Phillips who was married to John Phillips. Love triangles ensued and yet somehow, they soldiered on and recorded their first album.

Blythe custom doll
Sad Eyes

But alas, this Cass will never have to experience that kind of heartache. She is just looking for her new crashpad and is available in my shop.

She’s had the usual work done with extensive carving and her mouth is slightly open so you can see her teeth.

Blythe Custom Doll
Cass is ready!

I love her chestnut hair and the texture is perfect!

Thanks for checking her out and until then have a Happy Doll Day!