How To Make Blythe Doll Custom Teeth (The Easy Way!)

I made another Blythe doll custom with teeth. In my last post, I gave hints on what to use to make pearly white realistic teeth.

Here’s what it looks like behind the scenes…

Fimo translucent clay teeth
Ready to bake!

Now, I’m going to assume if you’re wanting to make Blythe teeth, you already know how to do some basic carving and sculpting. You can play around with the clay and decide how you want to shape it to look like teeth.

I baked the clay on parchment paper in the toaster oven set at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for around 5-7 minutes. You have to watch it because it will start to turn yellow if you leave it in too long.

Ready to install

After baking them, once cooled, I used a coat of gloss medium and tried fitting them. Make sure you seal the inside of the faceplate with Mr. Super Clear to prevent any pastel residue from staining the teeth.

Trim and fit…

Getting the teeth to fit in place was a little tricky and I ended up having to trim them with an Exacto knife to fit. Thankfully, this clay has some flexibility to it and can be easily trimmed.

A peak inside

Blythe Custom Doll tool list and supplies: Click here!

Next, I used Aileen’s Fast Grab tacky glue which has enough viscosity to it to keep the teeth in place, and yet you still have time to adjust it.

Because this doll has such a wide-open mouth, I needed something behind the teeth to hide the inside of the head. What’s behind teeth? A tongue of course! Got some regular Sculpey clay and made a tongue shape, baked it, painted it a rosy color, and then glossed it and installed it with tacky glue.

Tongue and all!
Ready to put back together!

So here she is! Introducing my latest toothy custom! April!


April is available for Adoption in the shop here!

Hope this post was informative and helpful on how to make Blythe doll custom teeth! Thanks for stopping by and have a happy doll day!


How about some Blythe Teeth!

The secret to Blythe Custom Teeth.

Alas, after 4 years, I have resurrected this blog! For some time I thought it was a bit redundant just showing pretty pictures. I use Instagram for that. However, it occurred to me that I could show you my methods, tools, and techniques to my Blythe customs.

The last time I posted here, anytime I made a girl with teeth, I used bits of a gift card or other plastic card. As long as it was white, I could cut to shape and glue them in.

But as with anything to do with Blythe customs, things evolve and now customizers are using other materials to make Blythe teeth.

I actually went on a google search for how to make teeth for Blythe customs that look more like the desired pearly whites. I couldn’t find specific instructions.

Taking notes from other Blythe customs…

Luckily, I did acquire a Blythe custom doll with teeth and was able to peek inside. I could tell it was some kind of polymer clay and went from there.

Check out my most recent toothy girl, Bappy! (Her mom has renamed her Trixie…)

Her teeth are made from Fimo clay. It is translucent and is perfect for making teeth. All you have to do is make individual teeth shaped to size.

Try and do a dry fitting to get an idea of how it will sit and then bake according to package instruction. You have to really watch it to make sure not to burn it. I think it took less than 10 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

After it’s dry, you can test again to make sure they will fit. Then I gloss them with a glossy sealer like this one.

My favorite glue to use for attaching this, as well as eyechips, is Aileen’s Tacky Glue Fast Grab. It has the right consistency and it stays in place right away but you still have time to adjust the teeth.

So that’s the quick and dirty on Blythe teeth. If I get some request, I can show more details on install the teeth and what it looks like on the inside.

Let me know in the comments if that’s something you all would like to see.

That’s it for now!

Have a Happy Doll day!


A Tale of Two Reis


My husband got me Ayanami Rei either for my birthday or Christmas. I can’t remember which one as he got me 2 different anime dolls and my birthday is a month before Christmas. Usually, he will get me a not-so-limited special release Blythe doll because he knows I’m just going to customize it and then turn around and sell it. It’s sort of like he’s getting me art supplies and canvas. But of course, Blythe dolls are expensive canvas.

We both love the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. So he decided to go ahead and get Ayanami Rei. I told him I would just customize her and actually keep her. Here she is below. My first Rei. I did keep her at first. But then I had a few people ask if I’d consider selling her. And of course, money is always tight around here. I eventually took up someone’s offer and she ended up going back to whence she came. Japan. How fitting is that?


But alas, I missed her and I felt a little guilty even though my husband didn’t really care one way or the other. He likes when I bring in some money from time to time. But I love the doll and the character and eventually searched on Mandarake. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone it’s sometimes a good place to find Blythe dolls and not pay inflated prices…) I was able to find another one for a good price. So I decided I’d make another Rei for myself.


And to make it extra difficult to part with her, I put in some Alice Blice galaxy chips in her.


So this girl I will keep for now. She’s a cool character and now it’s putting me in the mood to pop in the Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD series.

The next post will be show and tell. I have 3 new dolls from other customizers I got to add to my collection! Stay tuned!


Introducing Bucky


My latest custom is a Zinochika. I love the FBL mold once customized. Such a sweet face they have.


Her hair is pretty long and I think FBLs foreheads tend to look big so I gave her eyebrows and bangs to help frame her face better.


And of course, I call her Bucky because of her teeth. She’s a sweet little ginger. She has already found a home and I hope her new mama gets a lot of enjoyment out of her.


I will be working on some personal projects and need to find a new doll to customize to offer for adoption. I have a Middie waiting for a new face so we’ll see if I make her available or decide to keep her.

Till next time!


A girl named Arcadia


Say hello to my latest custom, Arcadia. This is the name her mom has chosen for her. She is a trade with a dear friend in Argentina. She had a Stable House custom that I was smitten with and she finally agreed to let me have her by trade. So I got this Marrakesh with her in mind as she had always wanted a custom of her.


She has that wonderful color hair like the much sought after Princess A La Mode doll. I’m happy to report her mom is thrilled so I get to keep the girl she traded with me for her. I’ll do a photoshoot of her soon so I can show off a new girl in my collection


She just waiting on her Puppelina chips and then she’ll be ready for her flight home. I hope she gets there fast without getting stuck in customs!



Maybe 2, Maybe 3


I’ve been having more time to customize and trying to have a goal of what I can get done in a month now that school is back in session for the kids. September came and went fast. Last week of September I took a quick inventory of the dolls I did that month. Wasn’t hard at all as I found it was only two! I had another commission on my desk waiting and decided to get cracking to see if she could be finished before the month’s end. I went to it, working on her in my studio instead of in my kitchen. Less distractions that way! I have afternoon help now with my son because of his special needs. So I took advantage of the extra help. I almost made it too. But my help cancelled on Friday, the last day of September so I had to stop working once the kids arrived home. Otherwise, I may have made it.

Saturday, I did have help so I was able to complete her. Technically she’s my first doll of October.


She’s a custom Candace Majorette. Isn’t she sweet? Her mama seems very pleased. I had to pack her up and send her back already.


As you can see she has little teeth and perhaps you can see some eyebrows peeking out too. My last three dolls have had eyebrows. I do like them from time to time. I can’t say I’d want them on every doll. Part of what makes Blythe a Blythe is that she for some reason never had eyebrows. But now it seems eyebrows are all the rage on these girls. Ah well, they’re fun to have on some girls. They can add a lot more expression for the overall look.

So October is officially here. I will set my goal to do 3 more girls this month. Stay tuned!



Little Girl Lost


I just finished this sad little commission for a lovely lady in Argentina. I don’t know what her mama will name her yet but she is a custom Cherie Berrie. Or Very Cherie Berrie. I don’t know how you tell the difference between the two. I know her mama is ready to give her lots of love and kisses.


It will be hard to say goodbye to this little one. She’s so photogenic.



Don’t cry little one. You’ll be home soon!


Welcome to my room

One of the fun things in this hobby is the many ways you can express your creativity. It’s a miniature world and the center of it, a dolly, needs a place to rest her head.


Enter, the dolly room. There are a few artisans out there that can make a complete miniature set up with everything a doll could want and need. No building permits necessary. The expense in materials is much more doable and your dolly could have her very own dream room, (or home.)


This beautiful room is created by Bimba Bambolina. I was lucky enough to get this in a trade with a client who wanted custom work done. I don’t use it often but every once in a while I like to take it out and pose my dolls in it.


Every little detail is thought of. There’s books, knick knacks and even tiny pencils. This room has cute bird house lights that actually light up!


I met another doll collector online today that also makes fun miniatures and room furnishings. Check out her blog!


Petal is ready

I wouldn’t mind if she hung around for a while but a las I must offer her up in the world and allow her to fly if she wishes.


I even found a cute dress for her to wear. I think it goes well with her coloring.


Her hair is heat resistant so it may be fun to style more and play with.

If you think you would like to take her home, I’ve listed her in my Etsy Shop


Introducing Petal

She’s just about finished. A quick post about Petal. I plan to list her and will update when I do. But for now, it’s time to just introduce her.


She started off as Charlotte Fleur. I got her without her scalp and dome so I went shopping for hair. I don’t like to do re-roots anymore and will do anything get out of doing a re-root. I do love the look of the natural fibers like alpaca and mohair so sometimes I’m able to trade services for one. In fact, for this girl I thought I’d have some gorgeous wool hair for her and sent it off for a trade but the person who I sent it to hasn’t had a chance to get to it yet. So… that meant trying something else. There’s this Etsy shop that sells some interesting scalps. I had my eye on this pastel bob for a while.


It reminds me of Hydrangeas we have around the neighborhood. They grow so well here and I love the way they go from pink to blue. I thought of naming her Hydrangea but decided on Petal.  I’d like to say it was her that told me her name but I think the eye chips might have had something to do with it.


These beautiful chips by Irene Garcia, aka Ig Sirenita really make her special. I hate to sacrifice them on a doll I’m going to let fly the coop but they were so perfect for her.

More on Petal later including where to get her. For now, I want to just enjoy her flowery goodness!