Lots of projects, some playtime…

momokos 1053

My momoko today is another reroot. This is a commission and was previously a Go For Victory Momoko. She looks so lovely with the brown hair. The next project is a Get Ready Summer reroot from the same customer and that will be a fun change also.

I’ve got so many projects going right now that I’m not getting much time for playing but did squeeze in some doll play time the other day because they got some new clothes that they had to model. So much fun and so relaxing after some crazy days with 2 little ones, keeping house and working on commissions.

I did manage to get a face-up on eBay. It’s a platinum haired obitsu head. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

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2 Comments on “Lots of projects, some playtime…”

  1. nipponitas Says:

    Oh! What a change for Go For Victory ! You can make me like any Momoko!!!
    BTW: I’m Marta from Spain (still waiting for the post… not to worry we had a long holiday)

  2. sylviecola Says:

    Hi Marta! Love your new blog!
    Hopefully it will arrive soon!
    Talk to you soon!

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