Cherry Tomato…

momokos 1076

Happy Friday! My momokos today are 3 reroots with the same hairstyle. The blonde one was a commission and is back at her home now. But before she left, I decided to try and take some fun arty photos as I was inspired by my friend and fellow collector Gabriela who takes such awesome photos of her dolls that she finally decided to make a coffee table book of them. She’s now taking orders for them. So, if you’re like me and love to buy those Dolly Coordinate Recipe books just for the pictures, then this book is for you. Unlike the recipe books, this has not just a few photos of my favorite doll but 35 pages worth! All are impeccably dressed and some of my reroots made it in. These books are works of art so do check it out.

Now, on to my dolly projects. I finished a tired worn francie doll and totally gave her some spicey pizazz. I call her Cherry Tomato because of her yummy tomato colored hair. She’s on eBay so click here or on the picture to view or bid.

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