Season’s Greetings

Happy holidays everyone!
I hope everyone is having a warm happy holiday season. I’m almost done with Christmas shopping. I keep getting things for my living dollies even though I tell myself only a few things this year. Oh well, I’ll just have to mark some from the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s since they’ve sent money. Then it won’t seem so out of hand.

On my Christmas wishlist I pointed hubby to the site. All the lati pictures on flickr has finally beaten me down to where I can’t resist anymore! I have my eye on the basic yellow Lea. She has the qualities of both my living dollies. The pouty lips on one. The dark hair on the other. The big eyes on both. The porcelain like skin. Me and my husband made the observation how they both have qualities of a lot of popular ABJD’s. So that’s probably part of the draw. And yes, I know I keep mentioning their likeness to every doll I decide to collect. I prefer the kawaii innocent type dolls over the more sultry ones. Like the Fashion Royalty line just doesn’t do it for me. Although the Misaki’s have the kawaii factor so I was drawn to them for a time. But regular line, the dolls look too b*tchy and snobby. They’re high fashion but I guess that’s not so much what draws me to certain dolls. The clothes do matter but the doll has to have certain qualities for me to like them. Momokos, Blythes, many abjd’s and now the tiny dolls like Lati have the wide-eyed sweet qualities I like.

Here’s my latest re-root that I put up on my sale page. I drew upon 04anlw for inspiration so I could make a sort of poorman’s 04anlw. Not quite a copy but she’s very similar. Formally a Good Night Cherry, she’s been re-root and had minor repainting done.
FS- custom good night cherry

By sylviecola

I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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