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Haruka Face-up

January 17, 2007

momokos 501

This is CCS AW-06 Nervous Lead Lead. So coy, so cute. One of my holy grails of momokos is up on eBay right now- 04ANlw. She’s everyone else’s holy grail too because she’s up to $380.00 right now. So I obviously have to pass on even think of trying to get her.

I finished my Obitsu 60cm Haruka head. This is my first face-up on this size and I actually used pastels for the make-up. Some artists use airbrush. I used acrylic paints and then blushed her and eyeshadowed her with high quality pastels and then finished her off with Mr. Super Clear UV flat spray. What amazing stuff that is. I think I’ll use it on my future pastel drawings.
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January 16, 2007

momokos 605

Today’s momoko is CCS-AW06 Suite Chocolate. She’s wearing a new Volk’s WTG outfit. It’s just perfect for her.

I finally finished Francie and she will be up on eBay tonight. She’s looking totally hip and mod. I have other dolls up as well so check them out.

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Productive Weekend!

January 15, 2007

momokos 593

Here is my lovely Anika from my bonus truck again. She’s wearing a new skirt from Volk’s Dollfie WTG clothing line. Nice clothing for not too bad prices.

It’s been a very productive weekend for me. It is unsually cold for Arizona and yesterday is was grey and rainy so we didn’t go anywhere and I painted one of my obitsu heads.


She is so pretty and reminds me of a fairy or nymph. Her head will be up on eBay tonight.

I also finished rerooting a vintage Francie head and have repainted her and am now rooting the eyelashes. Hopefully I’ll have her available for sale tomorrow so check back.

I also did a little more work on my haruka head but am still waiting on the wig.

Sneaky Peakies

December 28, 2006


Here’s my Bonus Truck momoko 04NY in our doll house I’m still working on. So you can kind of see what it’s going to look like. I really love this doll. I had my sights on the Redhead with the long hair or the Black haired one that looks kind of like 02dd,(then again, I have 02dd,) but the more I play with her the more I just love her. She’s so different looking from my other momokos that it really adds variety to the mix. I have Sweet Poodle up for sale so check out my auctions if interested. If you’re in the U.S. you can get her for a great price and low shipping costs unlike if you were to purchase her from overseas.

Now on to dolly projects. I have my obitsu Haruka head works in progess up. I’m still going to add blush and eye shadow. I’m happy with how the lips came out. I haven’t permantly attached the lashes yet. I just wanted to see what she looks like when put together.ooak-dolls-089.jpg

Happy Box Happy day

December 26, 2006


Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. My momoko today is if you can guess… from my bonus truck box. She is 04NY. Of all the Petworks/CCS dolls being offered in the boxes, she was my 3rd choice so I’m happy with that. I don’t have any blond momokos so she’s my first blondie. The Sekiguchi doll that I got is Pink Poodle. Not high on my list of wants so I think I’ll sell her. I already have a nude one of her I bought to repaint and I think I will reroot her as well. My 04NY is modeling some of the clothes that came in the box. Got some nice shoes too. The bean momokos are too cute as well and I will have to use those for bribery on my 3 yr old. (Right now she’s deeply entrenched in her leapster game she got yesterday.) It’s like Christmas morning allover again. The package actually came on Saturday but we were out to lunch during that short window of time. The mail man came and left a notice of a package that had to be signed for. Darn it! I thought, I missed it. Would have to wait till the day after Christmas to get it. Oh the anticipation! But I had so much to keep me busy with the Christmas festivities and celebrating that I really didn’t mind all that much.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The girls opened their presents. The kids really make Christmas so much more enjoyable than before we had them. We’re so blessed.

But back to dolls… My husband got me an obitsu 60cm ball-jointed doll body so now I have a body to model the heads that I will do face-ups on. I have a head that I’m working on right now. I will post pics when I’m done. I’m also waiting on a wig.

Doll House

December 21, 2006


Here’s a new Close-Clipped Petworks Momoko CCS AW06 Suite Chocolate. She’s so cute. She really reminds me of my 3 yr old. I know I probably say that about most of the Momokos. One day I’ll have to post a side by side comparison.

Speaking of my living doll, I wanted to get her a doll house but they’re so expensive and I just can’t justify paying 100 bucks on a piece of plastic with tacky decor so I made her one out of a card board box. I’ll post pictures next time. My camera is out of battery. It’s still a work in progress too. I was just going to put windows and a door and leave it at that but the artist in me now has to do the exterior and interior design of the place. She’s not quite getting into it yet but hopefully as it looks more and more real she will. I know it’s not the Barbie Dreamhouse she sees on Nick Jr. Mine will be a more 20th century modern design. I’ll put some frills and curtains to make it more Barbieish for her though.

New Website

December 18, 2006


Today’s momoko is 02SM wearing a fur trimmed coat that she borrowed from fashion fever Barbie. I’m giddy with excitement waiting for my Bonus Truck Box of Momoko goodies. I’m wondering what dolls I will get to add to my collection. Plus the Bean Momokos aka Mamemomokos will make great stocking stuffers for my living dolls 😉

I have a new website devoted to my one of a kind custom fashion dolls. It’s

Check it out and check back often as I will be updating it on a regular basis.