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New Obitsu on eBay

My new girl 04HB

My momoko today is the lovely 04HB from the 2004 petworks happy box. I got her in a trade and am totally pleased. She’s one that caught my eye but I just figured she was another one out of my reach so don’t even bother to want her. But now I have her. She’s a gem!

On my dolly projects I do have a new 1/6 sized obitsu head up on eBay modeled on a sekiguchi body. She’s a white tone head with black hair and her photos don’t do her justice. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

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Added another doll for sale

momokos 1159

My momoko today is my rerooted Love Yukata Summer. Since I’m keeping the new redhead Everyday B-Girl for now I’m offering this one for sale on my website. She comes nude with stand. I may dress her in something. Nothing fancy though but just a token outfit as I hate sending them without anything to wear. The outfit pictured is not included. Sigh, I do like her so. But perhaps she’ll get more playtime and photo shoots in someone else’s home.

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Another Gretel

9-5 reroot

I just love this new reroot. I like to keep it simple and have hair to brush and play with so I don’t usually attempt fancy styles. But it’s nice to have the flexibilty to put her hair up or down. A lot of times when you buy a doll with it’s hair up it’s hiding lots of bald spots. It’s meant to stay in that style but invariably most of us doll nuts like to take their hair down and do something different with it.

I just listed another Obitsu Gretel head on eBay. She’s such a pretty face mold. She’d be pretty even for a resin mold. Click here or on the photo to view or bid.

Plans are in the works for me to create my own ball-jointed doll. I will probably model it after my girls who are the most beautiful living dolls you’ll ever see. But I’m their mom so of course I’m biased. But they both have some classic features that are doll like. It will be interesting to see how this turns out so stay tuned…