Haruka Face-up

momokos 501

This is CCS AW-06 Nervous Lead Lead. So coy, so cute. One of my holy grails of momokos is up on eBay right now- 04ANlw. She’s everyone else’s holy grail too because she’s up to $380.00 right now. So I obviously have to pass on even think of trying to get her.

I finished my Obitsu 60cm Haruka head. This is my first face-up on this size and I actually used pastels for the make-up. Some artists use airbrush. I used acrylic paints and then blushed her and eyeshadowed her with high quality pastels and then finished her off with Mr. Super Clear UV flat spray. What amazing stuff that is. I think I’ll use it on my future pastel drawings.
ooak dolls 194

Click here to view on eBay!!! 

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4 Comments on “Haruka Face-up”

  1. XXXXXXX Says:

    yucks. you call that face-up? the lip paint is so uneven. work up on that. the 2nd doll; it’s lower eyelashes is a little not natural looking you should brush it outwards to the outter tip of te eye in a stroking motion(lift your brush upwards as you paint out)..^_^

  2. sylviecola Says:

    Come on, give me a break. It was my first one for goodness sake done over a year ago. And she sold so there you go. Check out my latest face-up, I think I’ve improved Immensely!

  3. nichan Says:

    It’s like 3 years ago, isn’t it?…(^.^)…there’s always the first time for everyone…I really like how you improve soooo farrr…your flickr is very inspiring and encouraging in terms of “not quiting” and “keep trying and learning” in anything we love to do…(^.^)

    I remember, my first handmade bag, my first crafts, my first draw, my first sew clothes, etc…they were not the best…even so, I never quit to learn. I remember a friend seemed so unappreciated when I gave her my “first” handmade bag for her birthday. May be because it’s ugly…and not a branded stuff…haha…now, I can make bags so much better but I will not re-give that kind of person anymore but I will give my handmade to my real friends who always appreciate me and my effort however ugly it is…(^.^)

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