Immersed in Blythe customizing

momokos 1293

Today’s momoko is 02PL re-root. She’s another commissioned doll and I just love what the customer wanted. She showed me a picture and I worked from that. I’m having some fun with her with some photo shoots. She’s such a rocker with her shaggy do. It’s always fun to have Momoko visitors, especially the Petwork’s variety. I’ve never seen Pink Lady up close till now. I didn’t care for her even up close though. This new style totally suits her and looks way better in my opinion. Pink Lady’s original hairline was way up on her head too. It was a really high forehead. But she did have a very retro Vegasy 50’s look to her. Well she’s super cool now!

So I’ve been totally obsessed with Blythes and customizing them. I just got several nude ones off Yahoo Japan. I finished customizing my Ebony. I just love her new look. She’s not perfect enough to resell. Darn, guess I’ll have to keep her 😉 Hopefully, I’ll have the strength to sell the other customs once I finish them. Honestly, it’s just not financially feasible to keep them all. I guess I have been able to let go of my custom momokos here and there so perhaps I’ll have the same attitude towards Blythe. I tend to be more willing to let them go once I finish another. I actually let go of Lola, my gorgeous redhead Everyday B-girl re-root, even though I was intending to hang on to her at first. Anyway, here’s Tak again newly customized. She’s had a haircut, chip change, new eyelashes, make-up, some lip carving and sand-matting. She’s wearing Dollsville dress set.

momokos 1287

momokos 1289

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5 Comments on “Immersed in Blythe customizing”

  1. debbie Says:

    Oh my God…Oh my God…
    Oh my God…are these cute or what?? I absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your friend Deb

  2. sylviecola Says:

    They are aren’t they? Very irresistible! 😉

  3. spikelover Says:

    she is BEAUTIFUL.I have one too,when you fall for them you fall hard hihi,just wanted one Blythe ended up with 9 .

  4. sylviecola Says:

    I know. I really have fallen hard and did not expect this at all! I thought I could just keep happy with Momokos but Blythe kept calling me and calling me and here I am, totally hooked.

  5. theblythemummy Says:

    I love her bob!! Sooo cute!

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