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Just one more post before the trip

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Well, I was hoping to get more dolls done for the Vegas trip tomorrow but will just be bringing the 2 re-roots and some custom Blythes. I’m just going for one night so it’ll be a quick trip and then back to more re-rooting. I think I may have upwards of 11 dolls to re-root this month in commissions so it will be a busy month. Busy will keep me from buying, (hopefully…) and that’s a good thing. There’s some Close-Clipped Sheep momokos that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection- particularly the kimono girls but I’ve over extended my self already with getting the Kenner Blythe so sadly I may have to miss out on them. But who knows, maybe I’ll win loads of money in Vegas. Although I don’t plan on playing any slots as I don’t think we’ll have time to.

And here’s Shannon, my newly beloved vintage Kenner! I have her hair in pigtails and she’s looking so much like my 4 year old. I wonder if grandma will agree. Of course, my living dollies are way cuter than any plastic doll could ever be and they’re the reason for this new found passion.

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I’d really love to get more Kenners to restore. It’s so satisfying when they go from looking ill and tarnished to looking fresh and glowing. Holding out hope for the $2 garage sale find but isn’t everyone?

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I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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