Back again!

Poorman's (or woman's,) Dhexs

It’s been a busy busy month including a trip to visit family back east. I’ve been so busy with re-roots and I haven’t had much time to take nice pics of every one of them so today I have my Dhexs copy. She was a 02cm head that was already bald. Since her screening is very similar to the original dhexs, I decided to make her into the very expensive doll. This one is a keeper.

The great thing is my Petworks Momoko collection is growing. I’ve aquired 02kf in a trade and also got 02spk. I plan on taking a group pic of all the Petworks girls. I’m not sure I’ll try to collect all of them but thankfully there is an end to it if I did try getting all of them. But their new brand name Close-Clipped Sheep is still producing and thankfully they only come out 2 to 3 times a year.

I think I’m starting to get more selective about my dolls so that I have quality over quantity. Especially with Blythes that come out with new girls every month. Otherwise, we’d be in the poor house!

Well back to work to pay for my dolly addictions and some bills too…

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