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Week 2 of boycott and other projects

Custom for Laura

Today’s Blythe is a new custom I did for Plastic Fashions . She an extremely talented clothes designer that does both human size and Blythe size clothes. She was looking for a side part raven haired rbl girl so I turned her Saffy into one. As expected, a Raven haired doll is usually guaranteed to be quite stunning.

Well, it’s week 2 of the boycott against eBay. I’m pessimistic that they’ll change their ways because it’s obvious they want to push the smaller sellers out the door and align themselves with big companies like Sears and GM. You can read about all the dirty tactics they’ve been pulling here. They’re actually trying to make it hard for buyers to leave 5 star feedback ratings and testing out new page views that say in big red letters “This seller has low ratings for shipping time.” The seller doesn’t even know this is what their page looks like and this particular example showed that the Seller had 4 out of 5 stars for shipping time. 4 is said to be good when the buyer is selecting it and yet eBay is turning around saying it’s a low rating. Ridiculous isn’t it? Almost hard to believe but click here to see what I mean. And what’s worse is they’re advertising other sellers similar items to direct the buyer away from the auction. They’re advertising on that seller’s dime. So, as a sometime seller on eBay, I have to ask myself why on earth would I subject myself to that kind of treatment and actually pay for it? Well, I won’t. End of story. Their mission is accomplished. I’m not going to waste my money on them. And I’m not going to buy from them either. EBay will most likely completely change from being an auction site where you can find rare collectibles and hard to find items to just another online shopping mall where you see the same things you’d see in any shopping mall.

So what’s a doll collector to do? Check out the other auction sites. Sign up with a deputy service like Crescent so you can bid on Yahoo Japan. Check out doll forums like A lot of people sell their dolls through there and the official This is Blythe shop has lots of great stuff and good deals on newly released Blythes right in the U.S. Check out the many handmade items on Etsy. I’ll start adding links to great sites for doll purchases and sundries. There’s online stores like Hobby Link Japan which has some great prices on Blythes and Momokos but they sell out fast so keep up to date with their pre-order sales.

To be honest, I haven’t been using eBay as much to buy dolls and accessories. I had a few small purchases here and there but I found better deals elsewhere and I think prices will only rise due to the changes.

The first week of the boycott showed a 13% drop in listings. Not too shabby. They attempted to get my business by offering me $5.00 off shipping on my next five purchases. I’ve never gotten a coupon from eBay so I did find that very telling. But I’m closing the book on eBay. Time will tell what effect this boycott will have and hopefully the doors will be flooded open with their competition so the consumers have more choices on where to shop and sell.

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Tinies, Doll Meets and Boycotts…

Meegiko in Simply Kir

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’ve been so busy and so much was going on that I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start at the beginning ;-p

My Lati Lea finally arrived. I was tracking her shipment and anxiously awaiting the doorbell. When she arrived, I took her out of her box and she was sweetly swaddled in a yellow terry blanket. I had hinted to my husband that I wanted all her default options but he missed adding the make-up.
Special delivery

Ah well, a completely understandable oversight if you’re unfamiliar with the ball-jointed doll ordering process- which he is. So it was up to me and I quickly completed her look as seen in the first picture. I really wanted her to be ready to play but it’s good practice on my ABJD painting skills and I’m happy with the results. If I get another Lati, which I probably will, I’ll definitely order make-up though because for some reason I prefer my own dolls to be closer to stock or factory finished. I named this cutie Meegiko. These things are sooo cute and fit in the palm of my hand. She’s wearing a Simply Kir hat. She did come with a wig also. I think even my husband is taken with these little ones because they probably remind him of our living little ones. Probably the appeal for me also.

Saturday some fellow Blythesters and I had a meet. We were hoping more people would show but I think most forgot about it. But there were 4 of us and it was fun to visit one of my alma moder colleges. Here’s a group shot of all the plastic, (and resin,) girls.
Tucson Blythe Meet

O.k, you may have noticed the word “boycott” in my title. So now I get on my soapbox about the boycott. EBay is making a bunch of changes starting February 20th. A lot of these changes are very bad for sellers and buyers. Mostly the small sellers. Think of it like Walmart moving into a small town and pushing out the Mom and Pop businesses. You can learn more about the changes here. It’s a good starting point and has a bunch of links to media, videos, articles, charts and graphs and to the policy changes from the eBay itself. You can go to the discussion forums on eBay itself but apparently a lot of censoring is going on.

The boycott starts February 18th and ends on the 25th. I will probably stop using eBay altogether unless they reverse these changes. The boycott means no buying or selling during that week. Please support it by not listing or buying on eBay. Many sellers are migrating to other auction sites. Please patron those. There’s a list here. There’s a lot of buzz going on about this boycott. I don’t think it’s going to be like spitting in the ocean as previous boycotts have been for eBay in the past.

O.k. off my soapbox and back to work.