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Why I’m really here

First off, I’ll showcase my momoko of the day.get ready summer

I call her Nora after my sister because she has wild curly hair just like her. She’s a get ready summer momoko produced by Sekiguchi. I have her in a different outfit than what she came in.

Now the real reason I’m here is to also show case my ooak fashion dolls that I repaint and reroot. I mainly do barbies and francies but one day hope to do a momoko as I’ve seen others do her and she comes out just fabulous.

So let me introduce you to my francie repaint/reroot. Here’s a before and after pic. She is in private collection now.

francie beforeafter

By sylviecola

I am a mom of three, (which includes one special needs boy with autism,) and an artist in training. My current medium are Blythe dolls.

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