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Here’s a shot of my new girl from the Bonus Truck. I call her Anika because she’s Scandinavian and I think that’s a nice name for her.

Finally getting some other dolly projects done such as finishing my Francie reroot from a few months ago. I have to do her eyelashes too and will also repaint her. I also removed the hair from my nude sweet poodle momoko doll and will be rerooting her as well. When I see some of these custom momoko models in the photos from different doll shows posted on Almond-Eyed Beauties , I get really inspired. Plus, there are some new special momokos on the official site and I can tell some of the faces are just rerooted previous dolls. It’s like the Bonus Truck Red Head and Black Haired dolls are just White Hazy Wind Momokos from the CCS 06SS line. It’s amazing how great they look with different hair.

While we’re still on the subject of my favorite doll, I wanted to mention that there most definetly is a difference between the quality of CCS/Petworks and the Sekiguchi momokos that I hadn’t noticed before but had heard about and that’s the vinyl on the heads of the CCS/Petworks is a much better quality. It’s smoother and has a better tone to it. The clothing is a little bit better made as well.

I’ll post pics of Francie when she’s done.

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New Website


Today’s momoko is 02SM wearing a fur trimmed coat that she borrowed from fashion fever Barbie. I’m giddy with excitement waiting for my Bonus Truck Box of Momoko goodies. I’m wondering what dolls I will get to add to my collection. Plus the Bean Momokos aka Mamemomokos will make great stocking stuffers for my living dolls 😉

I have a new website devoted to my one of a kind custom fashion dolls. It’s

Check it out and check back often as I will be updating it on a regular basis.

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Christmas shopping

Here’s Daisy in her new outfit. I bought her nude so I had to get her an outfit. This works perfectly for her. Takara Jenny clothes are pretty reasonable so I usually look at her stuff to get my momokos. I just can’t justify spending more than what human clothes cost. You can get some nice clothes that fit Blythe, Pullips, momokos and other 1/6th dolls off of eBay usually from sellers in China. While the clothes made for momoko are beautiful, they are so expensive. Her clothing brand is momokomono. Some nice things but wow, the prices…OUCH! That’s why I’ve got to learn to sew.

On dolly projects, I’m taking a break. Things are slow on eBay because I think everyone is christmas shopping right now so they’re not buying dolls for themselves. Just like me. I’m also christmas shopping. I have my real life dolls to buy things for. I’ve spent a fortune on them! They’re so worth it! 🙂