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January 3, 2007

momokos 526

Here’s a shot of my new girl from the Bonus Truck. I call her Anika because she’s Scandinavian and I think that’s a nice name for her.

Finally getting some other dolly projects done such as finishing my Francie reroot from a few months ago. I have to do her eyelashes too and will also repaint her. I also removed the hair from my nude sweet poodle momoko doll and will be rerooting her as well. When I see some of these custom momoko models in the photos from different doll shows posted on Almond-Eyed Beauties , I get really inspired. Plus, there are some new special momokos on the official site and I can tell some of the faces are just rerooted previous dolls. It’s like the Bonus Truck Red Head and Black Haired dolls are just White Hazy Wind Momokos from the CCS 06SS line. It’s amazing how great they look with different hair.

While we’re still on the subject of my favorite doll, I wanted to mention that there most definetly is a difference between the quality of CCS/Petworks and the Sekiguchi momokos that I hadn’t noticed before but had heard about and that’s the vinyl on the heads of the CCS/Petworks is a much better quality. It’s smoother and has a better tone to it. The clothing is a little bit better made as well.

I’ll post pics of Francie when she’s done.

New Website

December 18, 2006


Today’s momoko is 02SM wearing a fur trimmed coat that she borrowed from fashion fever Barbie. I’m giddy with excitement waiting for my Bonus Truck Box of Momoko goodies. I’m wondering what dolls I will get to add to my collection. Plus the Bean Momokos aka Mamemomokos will make great stocking stuffers for my living dolls 😉

I have a new website devoted to my one of a kind custom fashion dolls. It’s

Check it out and check back often as I will be updating it on a regular basis.

Christmas shopping

December 6, 2006

Here’s Daisy in her new outfit. I bought her nude so I had to get her an outfit. This works perfectly for her. Takara Jenny clothes are pretty reasonable so I usually look at her stuff to get my momokos. I just can’t justify spending more than what human clothes cost. You can get some nice clothes that fit Blythe, Pullips, momokos and other 1/6th dolls off of eBay usually from sellers in China. While the clothes made for momoko are beautiful, they are so expensive. Her clothing brand is momokomono. Some nice things but wow, the prices…OUCH! That’s why I’ve got to learn to sew.

On dolly projects, I’m taking a break. Things are slow on eBay because I think everyone is christmas shopping right now so they’re not buying dolls for themselves. Just like me. I’m also christmas shopping. I have my real life dolls to buy things for. I’ve spent a fortune on them! They’re so worth it! 🙂

Angel Momoko

December 1, 2006

cafe au lait repaint

Here’s my cafe au lait repaint again as a cute little angel. She’s so sweet. I have her up on eBay so click here to view or bid.

Well we’re all recovering from being under the weather of some sort so I’m running behind on all sorts of projects. I hope to catch up on Saturday.

I’m finding myself becoming more and more intrigued with the Super Dollfie world and plan to do some face ups of them in the near future. I just don’t want to get into collecting them though because they’re very expensive and frankly, I can’t afford it right now. It would be fun to do the face ups so I could enjoy them for a little bit before they go to their new homes.

Still stuffed…not really

November 24, 2006


Well, I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours came out great. My husband made the turkey and it came out wonderfully.

My momoko today is my repaint of Cafe Au Lait. She didn’t sell on eBay for some reason and there were a few flaws that bugged me about her so I fixed them and gave her teeth. I’m going to turn her into a fairie with wings. I found some on eBay and bought them and I’ll put her in a little outfit that’s fairyish. I just have to find something or improvise. She really screams fairy to me so that’s what she’ll be and then I’ll try to sell her again. She’s so cute and I’m enjoying playing with her and dressing her in different outfits. Me and my daughter love to play dolls together although she’s a bit of a boss and tells me what to do and say. I can’t even name my own doll. She has to come up with the name. It’s pretty funny. I’ve got such a little pint size master.


November 17, 2006


Today’s momokos are School Girl hanging out with Daisy D playing the guitar. They’re really rocking out having a ball on this Friday.

Well, I finished the obitsu doll yesterday. I just couldn’t stop working on her once I got started. My husband immediately thought she looked like Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. She looks awesome and I already have her up for auction on eBay. Click here to view or bid.

ooak dolls 059

Dolly days

November 16, 2006


Here’s 02sm looking kind of discoey.

On my dolly projects my obitsus arrived and I’ve already started some preliminary painting. I’ll post after pictures when they’re done. Here’s the work in progress. Still have to finish rerooting francie. I know, it’s been a while. But I prefer repainting.


It’s an anime kind of day

November 15, 2006


Here’s 04DS all dressed up and ready to go out for the night. We watched Midori days last night. It’s funny because they go to a doll shop to get Midori some clothes. It’s a cute show. Or should I say Kawaii. That’s means cute in Japanese.

I finished the Azone doll for my daughter. She also is Kawaii! My daughter loves her and now she can put her in different poses and has more fun with her. Here’s the before and after pictures. before

There’s always Tuesday

November 14, 2006

momokos 226

Today’s momokos are MamaTold Me paired with Daisy D. These girls are just too cool. They’re going to start a rock band for sure.  You can see that the Petworks momoko, Daisy D is slightly taller than Sekiguchi’s Mama Told Me.

Hopefully today won’t be so aggravating. Yesterday was very aggravating.  I better get to work on the Azone doll I got for my daughter. I keep promising her I’ll paint it. It’ll be good practice for the obitsus I’m expecting. Each doll I paint, I think I get better at it and sort of develop a formula. It’s definetly a positive learning experience. My momoko and Annz dolls have been relisted. No takers last time. Click here to view or bid.

Definetly a Monday :-(

November 13, 2006

momokos 185

My momoko today is Daisy D and she’s doing the skater girl theme. I just love this doll. She’s very cool. And just what I need for such a crappy day. It’s definetly been a Monday. Post office issues, corporate beauracracies and the like is making me nuts. Plus my older daughter still has some stomach virus. So I haven’t been very productive today. It doesn’t help when my soon to be 1 yr old won’t take a nap. I’d like to crawl into bed and then start over again.

On a o.k. note, I ordered some obitsu supplies from Junky Spot and they’ve shipped them already. I look forward to receiving those.