Taking the plunge


My momoko of the day is another pic of 04DS. Here she has the new SAJ body. I just love her with her new body. Big improvement. Now she can wear sleaveless outfits. They say on the petworks site that the head on these coco bodies aren’t removeable but that’s just not true. I didn’t even need to warm up the head with steam. If you’re in a colder climate then you probably would need to warm the head up first. But it came off and I didn’t damage the neck on the coco body.

Now, I decided to take a before picture of the nude cafe au lait that I got. I’m going to repaint her face and possibly reroot her. We’ll see once I repaint her how her hair looks or what I can do with it. I love repainting. Rerooting, I kind of like to do but don’t LOVE it. When I paint the faces of dolls, I can’t stop. I can get rather obsessive about it and can’t be disturbed! My 3 yr old is catching on. 😉 Sometimes I have to beg her to let mommy finish though.

before pic

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