There’s always Tuesday

momokos 226

Today’s momokos are MamaTold Me paired with Daisy D. These girls are just too cool. They’re going to start a rock band for sure.  You can see that the Petworks momoko, Daisy D is slightly taller than Sekiguchi’s Mama Told Me.

Hopefully today won’t be so aggravating. Yesterday was very aggravating.  I better get to work on the Azone doll I got for my daughter. I keep promising her I’ll paint it. It’ll be good practice for the obitsus I’m expecting. Each doll I paint, I think I get better at it and sort of develop a formula. It’s definetly a positive learning experience. My momoko and Annz dolls have been relisted. No takers last time. Click here to view or bid.

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One Comment on “There’s always Tuesday”

  1. aiko Says:

    I luv their hair ^o^ super Kawaii

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