Still stuffed…not really


Well, I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours came out great. My husband made the turkey and it came out wonderfully.

My momoko today is my repaint of Cafe Au Lait. She didn’t sell on eBay for some reason and there were a few flaws that bugged me about her so I fixed them and gave her teeth. I’m going to turn her into a fairie with wings. I found some on eBay and bought them and I’ll put her in a little outfit that’s fairyish. I just have to find something or improvise. She really screams fairy to me so that’s what she’ll be and then I’ll try to sell her again. She’s so cute and I’m enjoying playing with her and dressing her in different outfits. Me and my daughter love to play dolls together although she’s a bit of a boss and tells me what to do and say. I can’t even name my own doll. She has to come up with the name. It’s pretty funny. I’ve got such a little pint size master.

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