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momokos 1148

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s Victorian Nature CCS05AW Khaki. She really has a peaches and cream look to her. She’s also very feminine and bohemian.

blythe 071

And here’s my Blythe of the day- a Piccadilly Encore wearing a Wererabbit dress. She’s borrowing Prima Dolly Aubrey’s sunglasses. Ain’t she sweet?

Now for my dolly projects, well I’ve been so busy with commissions that I only had time to get one doll up on the Bay this week. Much to my pleasant surprise she was picked as one of the top 15 picks here . So please vote for my doll pretty please! I’m happy to get the free publicity also. She’s formerly a Modern Circle Melody Barbie who’s gotten a complete changeover. She’s been re-rooted in CM Black hair and repainted as well as new rooted eyelashes. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

ooak dolls 638

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