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Musical Scalps


This stunning beauty above is Miss Sally Rice with Milky Sugar Way’s scalp and then I gave her bangs because I’m partial for bangs. She has the hair I want. The color is so rich. I had played around with different scalps for her and I’m finally settling on this one. Her previous scalp was Velvet Minuet’s I had laying around. VM ended up getting Merry Skier’s scalp which was then dyed to black and turned into “Goth girl for Iveta”

So where did VM’s scalp go?

HH custom

Here it is. The custom Hello Harvest that I’ve been working on for now what would be a year has finally settled on VM’s scalp with this paige boy hair cut. She now has a totally mod look to her. She’ll be available for sale soon. I’m just waiting on a custom dress for her. Do message me if interested.

She originally had her own scalp dyed red and then given bangs but now the scalpless Merry Skier will get that I think.  The RBL’s and SBL’s scalps are molded the same. It’s just a matter of prying them off their domes.

So, that’s the story of musical scalps.

Art blythe Dolls Mod momoko repaint

Introducing Judith.

Surveying her surroundings

I sold my first Prima dolly Aubrey I earlier this year but then CWC came out with an encore version so I jumped on getting another one at the Prima Dolly introductory price. I finally got around to giving her her own special look and personality. So here’s Judith and she may be starting her own blog chronicling her life in Suburbia as a boarder of a soon to be family of five. As you can see she’s pretty nervous.

Below is a very light custom I did for a dolly friend who always keeps me busy with her huge collection of dolls and ideas. She’s Mod Molly with some added make-up changes. I kept her green eye shadow and airbrushed a fresh yellow on her lids. I also repainted her lips and added more blush. She’s been given new lashes and sleep eyes and boggle. Nothing too dramatic from the original as I think Mod Molly is a great doll to begin with. She already had this hair cut but I went ahead and evened it out and fixed the wonky bangs that, for some reason, always need adjusting on stock Blythes.

She’s borrowing a sweater that my mom knitted. Perhaps I could get mom to knit more of these cardigans in different colors…

Iveta's girl

Well, back to work on the line of Momokos waiting to be madeover for those who wait. But I just had to have a Blythe binge the past week and get it out of my system.

blythe Custom Dollies Dolls Mod momoko Petworks repaint


Yay for trades!

I just realized it’s been at least a week since my last post. Here’s 03AN Momoko. She was not on my list of wants but crept in as I saw more pictures of her and decided to make her my next Momoko. And just like that she came as a result of a trade. She looks really good in hats and can fit in them pretty well since she has little bulk in hair.

On the project front I’ve been taking some personal time working on my own stuff in between commissions. I do appreciate those awaiting their dolls spa treatment patience so I can recharge my batteries. Here’s a Blythe doll that’s been a work in progress for a while. She’s previously a Tailor Gibson and has had her hair dyed several times. The problem with Tailor’s hair is the greenish cast that is almost impossible to get rid of. I kind of like this ashy color so I think she’s done. I’ll probably post her for sale on my website. But here’s her picture in the meantime.
Mousey Miranda not so mousey

blythe Custom Dollies Dolls Mod momoko repaint reroots

In the works

FS-nude custom folklore

This is Lovely Folklore who had originally been without bangs and new lipstick. I like her much better this way. She is available for sale and as soon as I can figure out why she’s not showing up on my sale page she’ll be available there as well. Before then you can always contact me through flickr mail or email.

I plan on getting to some blythes here pretty soon. I like the change of pace to keep things interesting. I’m excited for the arrival of Dainty Biscuit and hopefully I’ll have some more time to take some B pics next week amid the re-root and repaint commissions still waiting. Here’s one of my latest commissions- another Beach Rodeo. She’s the most popular one ot re-root. They just don’t have enough tan momokos that are reasonably priced. There is Wild Sexy tune but she’s not too popular with collectors. Hopefully Sekiguchi will make more tan girls in the future.

More BR re-roots

Custom Dollies Dolls Mod momoko reroots

The Hair in There

Beach Rodeo for George

O.k. can you tell there’s just a lot of hair flying in my house? I’ve gotten behind on doing any kind of face-ups and mostly doing re-roots lately. And all these re-roots make me hungry to do my own doll especially when someone comes up with a cool idea like this new girl above. I just love this combination and style. I wouldn’t mind making her twin one day. She’s so hip and mod. Again off to NYC because she’s too cool for our house.

So another great dolly deal came along the other day and I jumped on it. This super cute 03AWyl Momoko was offered for sale for half off her original list price and I couldn’t pass up that bargain. She’s sooo cute and another one that reminds me of my girls.

Can't resist a bargain!

So I took a day off from dolly projects to enjoy my collection and to organize them a little bit. But now I’ve got to get back to work. Hopefully I’ll have more cute finished dolls to show in a few days.

Happy Sunday!

Art blythe Dolls Mod momoko repaint reroots

Vote for me!

momokos 1148

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s Victorian Nature CCS05AW Khaki. She really has a peaches and cream look to her. She’s also very feminine and bohemian.

blythe 071

And here’s my Blythe of the day- a Piccadilly Encore wearing a Wererabbit dress. She’s borrowing Prima Dolly Aubrey’s sunglasses. Ain’t she sweet?

Now for my dolly projects, well I’ve been so busy with commissions that I only had time to get one doll up on the Bay this week. Much to my pleasant surprise she was picked as one of the top 15 picks here . So please vote for my doll pretty please! I’m happy to get the free publicity also. She’s formerly a Modern Circle Melody Barbie who’s gotten a complete changeover. She’s been re-rooted in CM Black hair and repainted as well as new rooted eyelashes. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

ooak dolls 638

Art Custom Dollies Dolls Francie Mod momoko repaint reroots


momokos 1175

I’d have to say one of my favorite styles is mod so I put Akane,(Sweet Chocolate CCS-06AW) in new Sugar Mag outfit that arrived earlier this week. It’s just smashing on her and so cute. Sugar Mag is mainly for Blythe.

Speaking of Blythe, I’m finding myself succumbing to her quirky charms. When you collect Momoko you’re bound to run into Blythe over and over and over again. They’re everywhere together and they can usually share clothing. Blythe has way more personal designers than Momoko. Blythe is definitely a doll that can wear just about anything and totally pull it off. She can be all frills and lace or totally punk rock or goth or mod. So I look forward to my very first Blythe- Prima Dolly Aubrey. Heck, I’ve already got several clothes that will fit her so I’m good to go. I also look forward to customizing Blythe. She has many customization options. You can change out her eye chips, sand matte her face and give her a new wig or wefting or re-rooting. I’ll have plenty to keep me busy and I don’t even have time. I’ll post pics when she arrives. Of course, my loyalty towards Momoko hasn’t faded. Blythe and Momoko are like apples and oranges. Perhaps symbiotic as well.

Now for more modeliciousness, here’s my new vintage Francie re-root/repaint. She’s totally fab and is wearing a vintage Barbie Now Knit fashion. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.