Mod Loni

Mod Loni, originally uploaded by sylviecola(trying to catch up.).

Here’s a new custom I squeezed in between commissions. I had to take a break from re-roots. Especially FR re-roots with their extra hard heads. Hurts my fingers after a while.
So here is a totally Mod girl. I took my inspiration from Twiggy and other 60’s mod girls. She even has the intentionally painted lower lashes like Twiggy did.
I have made her available for sale. I will upload her on my sale page soon but she is listed over at Plastic Paradise.

She is a custom Nostalgic Pop. You can visit her flickr set below

Mod Lids

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2 Comments on “Mod Loni”

  1. This outfit looks alot like my Black and White Cape fabric! LOVE IT! looks great on her and her hair is fab!

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