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Why I’m really here

First off, I’ll showcase my momoko of the day.get ready summer

I call her Nora after my sister because she has wild curly hair just like her. She’s a get ready summer momoko produced by Sekiguchi. I have her in a different outfit than what she came in.

Now the real reason I’m here is to also show case my ooak fashion dolls that I repaint and reroot. I mainly do barbies and francies but one day hope to do a momoko as I’ve seen others do her and she comes out just fabulous.

So let me introduce you to my francie repaint/reroot. Here’s a before and after pic. She is in private collection now.

francie beforeafter

Blogroll Custom Dollies Dolls momoko Uncategorized

Hello world!

So here’s yet another blog by me, Sylvie Cola,(Pen Name) , mom and artist. I call this my dolly blog because this is all things dollies. My favorite doll is Momoko. She’s a japanese fashion doll that was introduced in August, 2001. Her creator is Namie Manabe and she was originally produced by petworks, a of all things, software company. I must mentioned the face sculpt was done by Keisuke Sawada. And what a cute face it is. I suppose my draw to her is her ethnicity, unique look and she reminds me of my older 3 yr old daughter. I’ll have to post pictures. For now, to learn more about the history this lovely doll go to the Petworks website.

My 04DS momoko

Here is a picture of my momoko 04DS. I didn’t like the body she came with which was a Sekiguchi Coco body that was on the later Petworks momokos. Originally the Petworks momokos had the Takara Super Action Jenny body and that’s what my lovely lady here now has. The current Momokos are produced by Sekiguchi and they have yet another body which is more slender and smaller and the hands are quite beautiful on those.