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It’s an anime kind of day

November 15, 2006


Here’s 04DS all dressed up and ready to go out for the night. We watched Midori days last night. It’s funny because they go to a doll shop to get Midori some clothes. It’s a cute show. Or should I say Kawaii. That’s means cute in Japanese.

I finished the Azone doll for my daughter. She also is Kawaii! My daughter loves her and now she can put her in different poses and has more fun with her. Here’s the before and after pictures. before

There’s always Tuesday

November 14, 2006

momokos 226

Today’s momokos are MamaTold Me paired with Daisy D. These girls are just too cool. They’re going to start a rock band for sure.  You can see that the Petworks momoko, Daisy D is slightly taller than Sekiguchi’s Mama Told Me.

Hopefully today won’t be so aggravating. Yesterday was very aggravating.  I better get to work on the Azone doll I got for my daughter. I keep promising her I’ll paint it. It’ll be good practice for the obitsus I’m expecting. Each doll I paint, I think I get better at it and sort of develop a formula. It’s definetly a positive learning experience. My momoko and Annz dolls have been relisted. No takers last time. Click here to view or bid.

Definetly a Monday :-(

November 13, 2006

momokos 185

My momoko today is Daisy D and she’s doing the skater girl theme. I just love this doll. She’s very cool. And just what I need for such a crappy day. It’s definetly been a Monday. Post office issues, corporate beauracracies and the like is making me nuts. Plus my older daughter still has some stomach virus. So I haven’t been very productive today. It doesn’t help when my soon to be 1 yr old won’t take a nap. I’d like to crawl into bed and then start over again.

On a o.k. note, I ordered some obitsu supplies from Junky Spot and they’ve shipped them already. I look forward to receiving those.

Another day another friday

November 10, 2006

School Girl Mix

My momoko of the day is School Girl mix in a red shirt. The red shirt comes from Comme Ca du Mao Susie by RnD. Susie is another doll that I’m fond of. I actually found about Susie first. RnD was one of the original suppliers of momoko and then they came up with their own doll. She’s quite beautiful and has an interesting ethnic background of being part Chinese and part Spanish. It’s fun how they come up with these background stories for these dolls.

For my 3 yr old, I promised I would paint her this doll. Like me, she feels limited by Barbie’s inability to move other then move her arms and legs up and down and slightly bend her knees. So I got her this Azone blank doll which has the same body as the early momokos which she can pose and play more with her. It’s funny, I’ll ask her dolls what their names are and she always names them Clippy. 😀
Azone blank doll

Pretty Girls

November 9, 2006

Daisy and 04DS

Today’s momokos are Daisy D and 04DS posed together. I have Daisy in Jellybeans Generation’s outfit. She looks real good. I bought her nude so she has to borrow a lot of clothing. She looks good in punkish hip stuff. 04DS looks good in feminine flowery stuff. I really have to learn to sew though so I can make more outfits for these beauties. The doll coordinate recipe books from Japan just have the most beautiful clothes. My friend is going to help me try them out.

Well, off to finish my Francie. I will post pictures when I’m done.

Shameless Self Promotion

November 6, 2006

Cafe Au Lait repaint

Excuse me for my shameless self promotion here but my momoko of the day is again, my repaint of cafe au lait. She is available for sale on eBay right now. Click here to view or bid.

And here’s another view of her that shows off her too cuteness! I’ll be back to post pics of untouched momokos again.

Cafe au Lait repaint

I did it!

November 5, 2006

Cafe au lait repaint

Well I did it! I repainted my first Momoko and here she is! She get’s the honor of being my Momoko of the day. She was previously a cafe au lait. You can see her before picture in yesterday’s post. I will list her on eBay tonight and will provide the link once that’s up. I almost hate to sell her though. She looks so good. I wasn’t wowed by this particular doll so I used her as my first “experiment” to repaint and now I love her!