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It’s been a little challenging for the last 8 months. When we took little guy in for his 18 month check-up we found out he was behind in speech even for being the youngest and a boy. The journey of fear and worry began there. I hoped it was his hearing but we finally ruled that out. It was like being punched in the gut. But now he will be in early intervention and we’ve started him on special supplements and he’s being tested for food sensitivities and heavy metals. We’ve taken dairy and gluten out of his diet.
We’re starting to see improvements with him- like his brain is waking up and he’s making new sounds. Something happened to interrupt his development. He had some words and then they disappeared.
Maybe it was vaccines, maybe the environment or maybe we’ll find out it’s allergies. I just know we’re finally on the path to get him on track and I finally feel hopeful and positive about his future. He’s still a happy guy and good natured so we are so blessed.
I forgot how therapeutic dollies can be. I’ll have to try and take time for myself and be creative again.


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Bullseye, originally uploaded by sylviecoladolls.

Good day all! I’ve been busy goofing off and just working on what I feel like working on. I have some commissions around the corner but at a manageable level so I feel free to experiment.

This is my latest girl. I call her Bullseye. I had a very distinct vision of what I wanted her to be and she turned out exactly how I envisioned.
She has Punkaholic People’s scalp and is a factory girl with translucent face and body. I gave her cobalt blue highlights in her hair and matching eyelashes.

I usually don’t hang on to my custom work for long but I may have to hang on to this girl. Nothing is set in stone but this girl has everything I love in a Blythe. Perhaps she’ll have to be my signature Blythe. I’m already using her as my avatar on Flickr so it seems I’m pretty committed to her for now. Plus I just let go of Coco and that wasn’t easy. So I think this girl have to fill that space Coco left behind.

Anyway, I’m just smitten with her as you can tell. I’ll have to find some rockin’ pull charms to compete her and she’s all mine. ❤

Back in Business

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Well, I’m back from IFDC and all those pressing projects and commissions are finally out of the way,(except for Iveta’s…haven’t forgot about you my dear ;-)).

I feel like I can breathe again and decided I will accept commissions again on a very limited basis. I’ve decided I’ll accept two a month and already it looks like August and September are booked so I have 4 more openings for the rest of the year. This means that if you send a doll for me to do during your month it will be completed the same month. I was falling so far behind that that wasn’t always the case.

This will be for face-ups only. I may accept 1 or 2 re-root commissions here and there but it will be a longer wait from when the doll is received.

I’m taking the rest of July off and will work on projects here and there. Perhaps paint my family room and bathroom. Also I want to get back into other forms of creative expression. So maybe I’ll do some artwork. Wherever the wind takes me I suppose.

Now, I briefly mentioned my friend Iveta. She also goes by the title “dolly pimp.” Well, her photography is featured on a clothing line website. Congrats Iveta!

Ethereal in Blue

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I love this girl, originally uploaded by sylviecoladolls.

Well, I’m way behind on my dolly blogging.
This lovely girl was done last month and I’ve done a few other girls since then. But, I just had to share this lovely girl.

She’s was commissioned quite a long time ago. My dolly friend told me almost a year and a half ago that she wanted a blue mohair Blythe done by me and she’d wait for as long as she had to to get her. She knew I was due to have a baby and that I’d have my hands full.
Alas, I finally got around to her. After having my son, my schedule some how got filled up with commissions. I’m not sure how that happened but I guess I wasn’t too good at saying no.

I’m so glad she waited and I finally got to do her. I really love how she came out and will get to see her again in Vegas for IFDC. That’s coming up pretty quick and I’ll talk more about that later.

What really draws me into this particular girl is the color of her hair is so soothing and it’s so soft. Just dreamy. I can’t wait to reunite with her and my dolly friends, of course!

Bye for now!

Wendy Dreary came for a fix-up

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Wendy Dreary came for a fixup, originally uploaded by sylviecola(trying to catch up.).

This lovely sad girl I customized a few years ago was showing some wear and tear in her photos.  So, I asked her owner to send her back to me to fix up. She really loves her Wendy Dreary and was reluctant at first and said she couldn’t stand to be away from her.  But she finally sent her over.

It’s kind of nice to reunite with what was one of my first Blythe dolls. She was previously a Rainy Day Parade and was the one doll that perked my interest in Blythe. I think I wanted her most of all but went for some less expensive dolls.  I gave in eventually.  Now I know if there’s a doll I really want, I just need to plan on getting it instead of trying to satisfy my want with a cheaper doll.

Eventually, she turned into Wendy Dreary for a collector friend who was wanting me to do a goth girl for her. And Wendy has been very dreary. She got stuck at the post office without a notice to her mom. We wondered where Wendy disappeared to but her mom persisted and she had been sitting at her local post the whole time. So from the start she’s had a rough life in this incarnation.

Now she’s all freshened up and I will ship her back and hope there isn’t another strange ordeal of being lost in the wilderness.

Introducing Merlot

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Somewhere out there, originally uploaded by sylviecola(trying to catch up.).

This lovely girl is a factory Blythe. What are factory Blythes you say? I’m not completely sure. It appears to be someone that works at the factory grabbing reject parts of the Blythe dolls and putting them together in these interesting combinations. So this girl has Natasha Moore’s hair on a translucent face which could be from a yet to be released doll or a sample. This girl’s original make-up wasn’t put on very neatly so I didn’t feel too bad about removing it and giving her a new face-up.

I worked on her for Mother’s day. That was my idea of a fun day. Now it’s back to commissions.

I’m offering her for sale. She is listed on Plastic Paradise and I will probably put her up on my website. She is a bit more rare because of her random parts so she is priced accordingly. I really like this girl so if she doesn’t have takers I’ll be happy to keep her. I will bring her to IFDC if she’s still around and offer her for sale there as well. But there is no promise that she’ll still be available by then.

Ciao for now!

Dreamy Mango

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Apple Greens, originally uploaded by sylviecola(trying to catch up.).

Here’s a newly customized girl. She’s another Simply Mango since I decided to keep Ms. Lassi who was originally intended for customizing.
I hate it when that happens and it’s been happening too much lately. I’m going to have to let go of some more girls. IFDC is coming up and I did promise to bring some custom dolls with me to offer for sale so perhaps that will be a good time to de-clutter

This lovely girl was given a fresh face with cute little freckles and new airbrushed make-up. Her lips were carved and she has 4 new sets of Brainworm eye-chips. I also gave her some pale blonde lashes.

She is sold already. Sorry to tease. She’s off to Sweden tomorrow. Hopefully the issue with the volcanic ash won’t interfere with her travel plans.

And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I’m going to take the day to work on another custom. One of my own projects. My husband said “You’re going to work today??”
But it’s a treat to work on my ideas so it’s not really work. Bless him though. He’s so sweet!