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Doll therapy

January 9, 2008

First doll of the year

Here’s Silver Crescent- my first doll of the year and this is after I said I wouldn’t get any more Sekiguchi momokos. Best laid plans. I saw her out of box pictures and she had rave reviews from all who owned her so I decided since I let some other dolls go, I had room for her. She really is much more beautiful in person. She’s very glamorous and I think one of the best Sekiguchi releases in a while. And right now she’s providing some good therapy for a stressful week of MIA packages. I’m hoping it’s just some holiday season fall out and the packages reach their destination.

I’ve been busy with several projects. Here’s the latest custom Momoko request. Rou Rou Momoko wanted a sister and the customer had me vary the look using blonde hair and two tails instead of one. This was previously Day off Delight Momoko who has a very similar face to Rou Rou. I added the freckles to complete the likeness. She’s pretty cute. Very sweet and innocent looking. Maybe Rou Rou’s younger sister?
Rou rou's sister for Iveta

Also was busy making a playroom for the living dollies. The tent can come out and a the inflatable guest bed can go in it’s place for when grandma visits. See grandma, we haven’t forgot about you. The little table can double as a night stand with a reading lamp. They’re making good use of the room so far and hopefully we can set up clickstart on the spare little t.v. in there.


November 2, 2007

Petworks Momokos 007

Happy Friday everyone. Hope all that celebrate Halloween had a fun time tricker treating and such.

Today’s momoko is 02SPpk. She is the special Hara Museum version. There were five versions of this doll. Basically the same doll with different color shirt dresses and shoes. Their hair is slightly different on each doll too. I found her off Yahoo Japan and for some reason no one else bid on her so I got her for close to the original list price. She’s turned out to be a favorite. She’s so much cuter than I was expecting. I love it when that happens!

I finished a Blythe custom. It started out as my own project. I like to think about whether I’ll sell the doll or not but a customer said if I was doing a blonde one she’d buy her. I was already re-rooting this one in blonde. She came back to me and said she would buy her and then sent me a deposit so it turned into a commission. But I still got to go with my original ideas for the most part as the customer trusted my tastes and doesn’t like to “direct” the artist too much but instead let the artist decide.

So… here she is and there she went. Off to her new mommy. I’ll get to see pictures of her and maybe at a meet in the future. It’s always fun to see what the customer re-dresses the dolls in.

blythecust 008

She has been completely re-rooted. She started off as a Hello Harvest and has airbrushed make-up, repainted lips, new eyelashes and her stock eye chips were switched around. Also sleep eyes were added.

Well that’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

In the midst of all this Saran.

August 30, 2007

momokos 1519

Well I’m still working on all my commissions. Here’s the latest. She’s a DHEXl copy…sort of… She would need new make-up to look even more like her. The Dhex dolls are the hardest to get I believe. They’re also the most expenisive as their editions are extremely limited and they’re the very first Momokos. They’re what started it all. I sure wouldn’t mind owning a pair myself but it’s just so far out of my reach I haven’t even thought about trying to aquire them.

My Yukata girls came earlier this week and I couldn’t be more pleased. They’re so exquisite with their creamy skin tone and beautiful kimonos. Enjoy!

momokos 1514

Load of Blythes!

July 16, 2007

Custom V-smash

Well today my doll of the day is my new custom V-Smash. My friend’s husband is loaning me his top of the line airbrush so I’ve been learning to use it on non other than Blythe! I think,(I hope,) once I get the hang of it my custom face-ups will go a lot faster and look more professional. Plus I really don’t like using Mr. Super Clear to seal the make-up because I’ve noticed it attracts dirt and being that I like to beable to play with these dolls and have a house full of animals and kids, I can’t have anything dirt attracting because it is everywhere in my house. So here’s my first custom using an airbrush. I just love her and am having a hard time letting go of her. I got her for the intention of reselling but this isn’t working out very well so far as I keep wanting to keep them! I’m sure eventually I’ll let some go. This is a new addiction for me so maybe it will take a little more time than it did with Momokos to let them go.

So I got a shipment of Blythes, (including v-smash above…) last week. 5 dolls to be exact! The idea was to customize some for re-sale. Like I said, not doing too well with the reselling. I got 4 from yahoo japan through Crescent. They’re really the best I think and they only charge actual shipping so by having it all shipped together I saved on the shipping costs where it was more like $15 per doll as opposed to $25 or $30 per doll. Some actually have the nerve to charge $50 in shipping. I’m surprised they’re a powerseller and I urge everyone PLEASE SHOP AROUND! In fact, the seller that charges $50 to ship a doll from Hong Kong gets some of their dolls off yahoo japan. I’ve seen their screen name- same as on eBay. So… EBay is not always the best place and some sellers take advantage of the high shipping costs. For example, I bought some shoes from another seller in Hong Kong and being that shoes are light, their shipping for 1 pair was $3.50. I thought, well, I’ll get several pairs to save on shipping from Hong Kong. I asked for the combine shipping rate and it ended up costing $12 in shipping for 2 pairs of shoes and 2 dresses. I thought that was a rip off but went ahead and paid. It came in an envelope and I somehow doubt is cost $12 bucks to ship. I probably won’t be buying from that seller again.

So that’s my vent for the day. I try to see what’s on yahoo japan first before going through eBay. Actually the most reasonable seller of all is Gina Garan, the person responsible for Blythe’s resurrection. But she sells out quickly because she is the best. I got my new Merry Skier from her. Super fast shipping too! When I sell through eBay I only charge actual shipping. Sometimes I may add a dollar handling fee because of shipping supplies but other than that the customer is paying what I pay and not a penny more. I only wish other sellers would do the same for me and other customers instead of trying to scam us.

Well after all this venting I thought I should include more pictures of my super cute V-Smash that I’m supposed to sell but can’t seem to do it just yet… Of course, I’m willing to take offers to those that fall in love with her too…;-)

Custom V-smash

Custom V-smash

Learning to sew

July 9, 2007

re-root for candijacks

Today I’m happy to show my latest re-root momoko. She was commissioned to look like the ooak Private Label Momoko doll. I think if her layers were just a tad shorter she probably would be almost a dead ringer. The facial screening is different too. This is a 9-5 momoko. I’m not quite sure what the Private label doll was originally. Maybe Day off delight? I don’t have her so I don’t know for sure.

She’s wearing a new dress my friend made for me off of the A-line dress pattern from Puchicollective. I’m learning to sew and will hopefully make my own from scratch. I did cut out the pattern on the second dress that my Celia,(pd2a) is wearing and I also sewed on the snaps. I know big deal right? Again baby steps for me 😉 The fun part is picking out the fabrics. There’s a quilt store down the street that has all sorts of fun prints on their fabrics so we had fun picking them out and what’s really nice is you hardly need any. This will hopefully save me a bundle on buying dolly clothes. Also, for my customs, I’d like to be able to dress them in something nice that’s inexpensive but doesn’t look cheap.

Celia modeling a new dress

So darn hot!

June 28, 2007

momokos 1268

I can’t believe I forgot to post this re-root! I finished her before the 02PL re-root. She’s a Pure Blue Momoko and the customer commissioned me to do this color and style. Much less demure than her original and a lot of spunk.

Well, I think it hit 115 yesterday. I didn’t venture to go outside until after dinner when we went swimming. Just about all you can do during this time of year. I did finish my Velvet Minuet that I originally botched up pretty bad. I sent her to the dolly doctor to fix my handy work and scalp her for me. So when I got her back scalpless, I figured I might as well go all the way with customizing her. So she’s the first Blythe I’ve sawed into. Once I actually scalp a Blythe and re-root her then I’ll figure I’ve really gone all the way but baby steps for now. I fixed her gaze as VMs look downward quite a bit. Then I sand-matted her, changed her chips, carved her lips out more and gave her new make-up, eyelashes and hairdo. Now she’s so cute I don’t know if I’ll be able to part with her. She looks so much like my 4 yr old-especially the hair.

Her name is Blossom

Immersed in Blythe customizing

June 26, 2007

momokos 1293

Today’s momoko is 02PL re-root. She’s another commissioned doll and I just love what the customer wanted. She showed me a picture and I worked from that. I’m having some fun with her with some photo shoots. She’s such a rocker with her shaggy do. It’s always fun to have Momoko visitors, especially the Petwork’s variety. I’ve never seen Pink Lady up close till now. I didn’t care for her even up close though. This new style totally suits her and looks way better in my opinion. Pink Lady’s original hairline was way up on her head too. It was a really high forehead. But she did have a very retro Vegasy 50’s look to her. Well she’s super cool now!

So I’ve been totally obsessed with Blythes and customizing them. I just got several nude ones off Yahoo Japan. I finished customizing my Ebony. I just love her new look. She’s not perfect enough to resell. Darn, guess I’ll have to keep her 😉 Hopefully, I’ll have the strength to sell the other customs once I finish them. Honestly, it’s just not financially feasible to keep them all. I guess I have been able to let go of my custom momokos here and there so perhaps I’ll have the same attitude towards Blythe. I tend to be more willing to let them go once I finish another. I actually let go of Lola, my gorgeous redhead Everyday B-girl re-root, even though I was intending to hang on to her at first. Anyway, here’s Tak again newly customized. She’s had a haircut, chip change, new eyelashes, make-up, some lip carving and sand-matting. She’s wearing Dollsville dress set.

momokos 1287

momokos 1289