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In the works

FS-nude custom folklore

This is Lovely Folklore who had originally been without bangs and new lipstick. I like her much better this way. She is available for sale and as soon as I can figure out why she’s not showing up on my sale page she’ll be available there as well. Before then you can always contact me through flickr mail or email.

I plan on getting to some blythes here pretty soon. I like the change of pace to keep things interesting. I’m excited for the arrival of Dainty Biscuit and hopefully I’ll have some more time to take some B pics next week amid the re-root and repaint commissions still waiting. Here’s one of my latest commissions- another Beach Rodeo. She’s the most popular one ot re-root. They just don’t have enough tan momokos that are reasonably priced. There is Wild Sexy tune but she’s not too popular with collectors. Hopefully Sekiguchi will make more tan girls in the future.

More BR re-roots

Custom Dollies Dolls Mod momoko reroots

The Hair in There

Beach Rodeo for George

O.k. can you tell there’s just a lot of hair flying in my house? I’ve gotten behind on doing any kind of face-ups and mostly doing re-roots lately. And all these re-roots make me hungry to do my own doll especially when someone comes up with a cool idea like this new girl above. I just love this combination and style. I wouldn’t mind making her twin one day. She’s so hip and mod. Again off to NYC because she’s too cool for our house.

So another great dolly deal came along the other day and I jumped on it. This super cute 03AWyl Momoko was offered for sale for half off her original list price and I couldn’t pass up that bargain. She’s sooo cute and another one that reminds me of my girls.

Can't resist a bargain!

So I took a day off from dolly projects to enjoy my collection and to organize them a little bit. But now I’ve got to get back to work. Hopefully I’ll have more cute finished dolls to show in a few days.

Happy Sunday!

Art blythe Dolls Mod momoko repaint reroots

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Happy Friday everyone! Here’s Victorian Nature CCS05AW Khaki. She really has a peaches and cream look to her. She’s also very feminine and bohemian.

blythe 071

And here’s my Blythe of the day- a Piccadilly Encore wearing a Wererabbit dress. She’s borrowing Prima Dolly Aubrey’s sunglasses. Ain’t she sweet?

Now for my dolly projects, well I’ve been so busy with commissions that I only had time to get one doll up on the Bay this week. Much to my pleasant surprise she was picked as one of the top 15 picks here . So please vote for my doll pretty please! I’m happy to get the free publicity also. She’s formerly a Modern Circle Melody Barbie who’s gotten a complete changeover. She’s been re-rooted in CM Black hair and repainted as well as new rooted eyelashes. Click here or on the picture to view or bid.

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